wireless city cars – VIDEO

wireless city cars - VIDEO

The Renault Clio, a European benchmark, finally comes to tease the new Toyota Yaris on the hybrid city car niche. While the Japanese have mastered her subject for nearly eight years, the French can shake it up with cutting-edge technology.

Photo: Fabrice Bolusset

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Photo: Fabrice Bolusset

The Renault Clio, a European benchmark, is finally teasing the new Toyota Yaris on the hybrid city car niche. While the Japanese have mastered her subject for nearly eight years, the French can shake it up with cutting-edge technology.

Renault Clio

Reasons to choose the Clio

Emblematic city car in Europe, the Clio is one of the few French cars that manages to seduce several markets. And several – good – reasons explain this performance. Aesthetically sober, but without being devoid of elegance, the Renault displays a style less daring than its rival of the day, the new Toyota Yaris, also deeply revised. A form of softness that is perpetuated in the interior, which combines zenitude and quality. On our high-end Initiale Paris version, the finish does not suffer criticism. Topstitched leather covering the comfortable seats, well thought-out ergonomics, sleek dashboard, Easy Link multimedia system with large 9 ”3 touchscreen, while the Yaris relies more on hard plastics…

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Side engines, Renault also had to react. To compensate for the drop in diesel sales in this segment and meet new customer needs and aspirations, the manufacturer had to adopt a more virtuous approach. This version of the Clio E-Tech 140 is therefore launched simultaneously with Captur and Mégane plug-in hybrids. But for the city dweller, no thread in the leg. The system, here simplified, uses a battery with a capacity of 1.2 kWh, which allows you to move around town without starting the heat engine, and in the greatest silence, of course. Consumption is therefore greatly reduced, without compromising more than adequate performance, nor penalizing the user by a truncated driving license.

VIDEO – Watch our road comparison with Nicolas Briouze and Arthur Matal above

=> Which Renault Clio to choose?

Because even hybrid, this Clio remains a real Clio. And it is happy. An observation which is reflected, first of all, by high-flying handling. Welded to the ground, the city car of Losange confidently approaches the magnificent Burgundy curves, the scene of our test. Another good point, and not the least: its contained weight. A small feat to be credited to the engineers, who have managed to reduce the weight of this hybrid version by 10 kilos compared to the “thermal” Clio TCe 130 EDC. In return, it skips the temporary spare tire, like the GPL version.

In terms of comfort, progress is again notable. If it still feels a little firm at low speed, the damping takes care of “resurfacing” the road as soon as more rhythm is printed. A compromise to which the Yaris is less successful, even if the dynamism is clearly superior to that of the previous generation, considered very placid. On the transmission side too, the Clio slightly dominates its rival of the day, with an unprecedented dog clutch box limiting weight gain and allowing a refined management thanks to about fifteen possible combinations. In fact, the engine speed is thus little subject to flight, the 4-cylinder sometimes snorting noisily to recharge the battery, especially when starting. After this inconvenience, we enjoy a pleasant driving, the system proving rather transparent for the user. And that is exactly what we ask of him.

Toyota Yaris

Reasons to prefer the Yaris

Built in France, when the Clio was assembled in Turkey, this Yaris remains the queen of hybrid city cars, in terms of distribution. To the point that, for several years now, it has ignored any diesel engine. Urban patented, the previous generation did not shine by its versatility on major roads. To its disadvantage, a relatively sound engine and very wise road behavior. But that was before. With this new Yaris, Toyota changes gear. And it shows. If its road performance remains slightly below those of the Clio, they nevertheless place the Japanese directly in the top three in the category, where another Frenchwoman stands out, manufactured in Morocco and Slovakia, the excellent Peugeot 208… That says it all! On small roads, the light and precise steering goes hand in hand with a balanced chassis, which does not lack liveliness.

Lighter than the Renault, the Yaris hybrid even has the luxury of distilling, on paper, higher acceleration (0 to 100 km / h in 9 ”7, against 9” 9), despite a difference of 24 hp to its disadvantage. Another reason for satisfaction: the engine / gearbox combination, which, thanks to a courageous three-cylinder and a revised CVT transmission, makes it possible to tackle long journeys without any apprehension. And if the engine remains somewhat present under heavy load, the efforts made on the sound volume have also led to a notable drop.

The reasonable weight also makes it possible to limit consumption. During our test, which was carried out at a good pace over more than 500 km, combining motorway, road, and many very energy-consuming maneuvers – the photographer and the cameraman had to be satisfied. these came to 5.8 l / 100 km (6.0 l / 100 km for the Clio). A wise course on the secondary network even resulted in a 4.1 l / 100 km, in fact sparing a comfortable range, despite the tank of only 36 liters.

=> Should we still buy the old Toyota Yaris hybrid?

In terms of style, the classicism of the Clio, this Yaris responds with a seductive originality. Including in the passenger compartment, where the unique dashboard has several storage spaces, more practical than in the Clio. The driving position remains excellent, and the habitability displays dimensions comparable to those of the French, yet 10 cm longer! Perfectly designed, the Japanese even offers a symbolically larger chest, and above all, a loading threshold 12 cm lower. Last strong point of this novelty, its price, more reasonable than that of the Clio. Perfectly equipped, the Yaris appears at a lower price of € 3,250 than that of the city car with the diamond, with equivalent equipment. To which it adds a higher residual value. Finally, the proven reliability of Toyota hybrids should exempt you from additional visits to the workshop, apart from those required by maintenance (every year or 15,000 km). On this point, the Clio will have to insure to attract fleets and companies (exempt from TVS for two years). But we can bet that E-Tech technology, in development for nearly ten years, will not disappoint.


The Clio does not miss its entry and imposes a very short head, thanks to its comfort and the approval of its driveline. Even more sober and less expensive, the Yaris does better than defend itself, in very clear progress compared to the previous generation.

Renault Clio price

Price: 28,200 euros

Residual value after 48 months: 12,000 euros

Petrol range: from 65 to 130 hp, from 14,100 to 25,200 euros

Diesel range: from 85 to 115 hp, from 19,300 to 24,200 euros

Hybrid range: 140 hp, from 22,600 to 28,200 euros

Fiscal power: 5 CV

Guarantee: 2 years, unlimited

Warranty extension to 5 years: nc

Average consumption AM / manufacturer: 6 / 4.3 l / 100 km

CO2 (g/km)/malus : 98 / 0 euro

Service interval: 2 years, 30,000 km

Country of production: Turkey

Number of points of sale: 3,756

Prix ​​Toyota Yaris

Price: 24,950 euros

Residual value after 48 months: 12,500 euros

Gasoline range: from 70 to 120 hp, from 17,250 to 19,950 euros

Diesel range: not available

Hybrid range: 116 hp, from 20,950 to 25,450 euros

Fiscal power: 5 CV

Warranty: 3 years or 100,000 km

Warranty extension to 5 years: 489 euros

Average consumption AM / manufacturer: 5.8 / 4.3 l / 100 km

CO2 (g/km)/malus : 99 / 0 euro

Service interval: 1 year, 15,000 km

Country of production: France

Number of points of sale: 305

Renault Clio technical sheet

Engine: 4-cylinder, 16-valve, indirect injection, DPF, chain distribution + permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, 1.2 kWh battery

Displacement (cm3): 1,598

Transmission: front, dogs 15 combinations

Thermal power (hp at rpm): 91 to 5,600

Thermal torque (Nm at rpm): 144 to 3200

Electric power (hp): 36 + 15

Electric torque (Nm at rpm): 205 + 50

Cumulative power (hp): 140

Weight (kg): 1,238

Dimensions (m) : 4,05×1,80×1,44

Wheelbase (m): 2.59

Fuel tank (l) / range (km): 39/650

Turning diameter (m): 10.5

0 to 100 km / h / 1,000 m DA (s): 9.9 / 31

Max speed (km / h): 180

Standard tires: 205/45 R17

Test tires: Continental EcoContact6

Elbows width front / rear (cm): 139/138

Rear legroom (cm): 68

Front / rear roof clearance (cm): 102/93

Chest 5/2 (l): 254/979

Boot threshold height (cm): 79

Technical data Toyota Yaris

Motor: 3-cylinder, 12-valve + permanent magnet synchronous electric motor

Displacement (cm3): 1490

Transmission: front, continuously variable

Thermal power (hp at rpm): 91 to 5,500

Thermal torque (Nm at rpm): 120 to 3600

Electric power (hp): nc

Electric torque (Nm at rpm): 141

Cumulative power (hp): 116

Weight (kg): 1,080

Dimensions (m) : 3,94×1,75×1,47

Wheelbase (m): 2.56

Fuel tank (l) / range (km): 36/620

Turning diameter (m): 10,4

0 to 100 km / h / 1,000 m DA (s): 9.7 / nc

Max speed (km / h): 175

Standard tires: 205/45 R17

Test tires: Bridgestone Ecopia EP150

Elbow width AV / AR (cm): 141/139

Rear legroom (cm): 67

Front / rear roof clearance (cm): 98/92

Chest 5/2 (l): 286/947

Boot threshold height (cm): 67


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