With an update on the Euro 5 hurdle

With an update on the Euro 5 hurdle

In order to make the R nineT model family fit for the Euro 5 standard that will come into force from the end of the year, BMW has to put its hands on the air-cooled boxer engine again. In addition to the design is also modified. We caught the first Erlkönige on a test drive.

© Stefan Baldauf

The 1,170 cm³ air-cooled boxer in the current R nineT models develops 110 hp and provides 116 Nm of torque. However, the two-cylinder only meets the Euro 4 standard. In order to heave the successful series over the Euro 5 hurdle, the BMW technicians have to do it again. The first details reveal two Erlkönig of the R nineT and the R nineT Pure, which have now been shot by our Erlkönigjäger on a test drive.

New cylinder head covers

The most striking change probably takes place under the cylinder head covers. A new ignition cable feed can be clearly seen on the covers. Previously, the ignition cable made its way from below to the center of the cover, the new cylinder head covers now have a horizontal cable cover. So BMW seems to be making modifications to the ignition period. No further modifications can be made out to the cylinders of the prototypes. Instead, the throttle valve elements in the intake area have changed – this is obvious, as they too have a decisive influence on the exhaust behavior with their work. However, more performance is not to be expected.

The twin-pipe rear silencer of the R nineT is installed on the Pure model caught. The rest of the exhaust system, including the valve control, appears to be unchanged.

Changed lights

The changes to the lighting equipment are also striking. The Erlkönige’s cattle headlights turn on R18 with a horizontal LED daytime running light bar. The tail light looks noticeably larger.

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