With Covid-19, couple die hand in hand in the ICU with 4 minutes difference

With Covid-19, couple die hand in hand in the ICU with 4 minutes difference

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A couple from North Carolina, U.Sdied of Covid-19 on September 2 with only 4 minutes difference. Johnny Lee Peoples, 67, and Cathy Darlene Peoples, 65, had been hospitalized for 30 days in a hospital in the city of Salisbury.

“Things were getting worse and worse. On the day, the doctors placed the two side by side in the ICU and they held hands. The nurses gathered around them and they died just four minutes apart. My parents had been married for 48 years and had been together for 50 years. During those 50 years they always went hand in hand, ”son Shane Peoples told WBTV.

Johnny and Cathy have two other children and nine grandchildren. He was a retired sergeant in the US Army and she worked as a teacher at an early childhood school and was also a laboratory technician.

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Shane used his Facebook page to pay tribute to his parents and warn of the dangers of coronavirus. “My parents’ lives were stolen by a virus that many people don’t take seriously, play with, or even believe to be a lie. The two took the pandemic seriously and still got sick and died. My father and mother were a blessing to everyone who met them, not just our family. Keep your family close and treat every moment with them as if it were the last, ”he wrote. The son also made an appeal for people to continue wearing masks, washing their hands and practicing social detachment.

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