With their videos at Lidl, Action or Gifi, consumer Youtubers fascinate Internet users

With more than 700,000 subscribers, the youtubeuse Laurette is a hit with her videos of consumer products.

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With more than 700,000 subscribers, the youtubeuse Laurette is a hit with her videos of consumer products.

A map of the Action store in a shopping area in Ile-de-France, a visit to the artificial plants department, a review of candles, price comparisons of shower gels, a crush on chocolate balls on sale …

As almost every day for the past two years, Razika has been touring the stores in its catchment area in the Seine-et-Marne department. Its hunting grounds: Lidl, Gifi, Action, Kiabi, or even Stockomani, Ikea, Primark … A quick tour of the store in search of the arrivals of the week. All filmed with her smartphone with a few comments on the products, the price or more personal on her life. Then posted on his YouTube channel My girl secrets, his videos are very successful. From several tens to several hundred thousand views for each.

We knew the beauty youtubers, the fashion youtubers, here came the consumer influencers. No overpriced nail polish, designer bags or little tops unearthed in trendy Parisian boutiques in their video. Simply cheap home decor products, food processors, detergents and other cheap gadgets. Daily products that do not a priori make you dream.

“I mainly help people to make shopping lists, explains the YouTuber Razika. These are the products that people buy, the stores they go to. We used to think that it was low-cost of poor quality but we realized that there were good products at very low prices. There is even pride in going to these stores today. ”

A success that still surprised the YouTuber.

“I have been an Action-addict for 5 years and I decided in 2018 to make short videos of store visits for my friends and family, she explains. I was on parental leave after my third child and I I had a little time. At the beginning I did 100 views at most. And a few months later, I realized that we had gone to several tens of thousands without realizing it. It’s a bit mysterious , no one has the recipe for YouTube. ”

Live videos, YouTubers who tell little personal anecdotes, brands well highlighted in the title and on the video thumbnail … The success of these YouTubers owes nothing to chance. And quickly, they succeed in uniting a community. As Laurette, YouTuber with a singing accent from Perpignan nicknamed “Maman Youtube” by her fans because in her forties she is a little older than the average YouTuber.

Not paid by brands

More focused on beauty products (but still affordable), Laurette is followed by more than 710,000 people on the platform. Laurette does not hesitate to criticize the products that she does not like. One of his biggest hits (1.2 million views) is a test of Lidl cosmetics at 1.99 euros. And she doesn’t hesitate to be sharp. Because to be successful, you have to be independent and not turn into the brand’s “sandwich man”.

“I have hardly ever done sponsored content, only two in five years, and I have always made it clear, says Laurette in a video. I am convinced that if someone is paid, we have doubts about what ‘he tells.”

And yet they are obviously very much in demand.

“I receive a considerable amount of emails every day for partnerships, but I never do, says Razika. Sometimes I accept gifts like Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine, but I have not been asked for any promotional counterpart. . ”

Because the brands have adapted to this new communication relay. No need to offer to pay these influencers to talk about their brand, they will do it themselves. The signs accept that we film inside, that we quote the stores, that we show the products and the prices.

“We leave total freedom to influencers on this content, explains Lidl. These are formidable levers of visibility and communication with consumers, which often allow very positive promotion of our offers.”

And if they are not paid by the brands, some of these influencers manage to make a living from their production. Even if they want to remain discreet about the amount of their income.

“Thanks to the ads on my YouTube videos, I have income equivalent to what I earned before the administration,” says Razika. Not something to flare up but simply to live off his passion.

“I am warning about overconsumption”

A passion for consumption that arouses some criticism. These influencers do not they push people to overconsume products mostly made in Asia in disregard of environmental issues. The YouTubers deny it.

“I am not here to invite you to overconsume, assures Laurette in a video. I test products so that people do not have a biased opinion. If I pushed to overconsume, you will find links to the products in my videos , I would give you promo codes, which I never do. ”

Moreover, in their video some even do prevention.

“I regularly alert people to the dangers of overconsumption, assures Razika. I haven’t bought more products since I made these videos, I only take what I need. I recently bought a wringer from salad because I didn’t have any, but that’s it. ”


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