Xbox Series S design and pricing leaked!

Xbox Series S design and pricing leaked!

New Project – 2020-09-07T214555.734

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New Project – 2020-09-07T214555.734

UPGRADEMicrosoft has confirmed the price and design of the Xbox Series X. Similarly, some features of the console have been leaked. You can know more about this here.


Sooner or later it was going to happen and now it looks like the rumored one finally leaked Xbox Series S, the lowest powered next-gen console by Microsoft. According to information from Brad Sams, journalist from Thurrot and reliable sources of leaks, this console would hit the market at a price of $ 299 dollars and would follow a design similar to that of the Xbox One S.

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Even if Sams has proven its credibility in the past, let’s remember that we should handle all of this as a rumor, at least until Microsoft reveal it officially. Although it will be possible to enjoy next generation games on this console, the maximum resolution would be 1440p instead of 4K what will he offer Series X, but without a doubt what stands out the most about this console is its accessible price. From its design we can see a huge ventilation crack and a few ports on the front, although its function is not exactly distinguished.

Sams did not reveal when we can expect the Xbox Series S, but let’s remember that Series X is scheduled to debut in November, so this lower-powered console might come a little later, or could Microsoft planning to release both at the same time? Only time will tell.

Source: Brad Sams


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