Zara’s jewel bralette is the latest in her new collection and we love it

Zara's jewel bralette is the latest in her new collection and we love it

He jewel bralette from Zara is a statement that jewelry can also be a garment. It’s about a accessory that promises to position itself among the new trends it’s from the season. This bralette or top we will see it with finishes of rhinestones, mesh or pearls to be placed like the cherry on the cake, the last detail of your outfit which will work as a magnetic magnet and give it a full turn.

We saw these pieces before on the catwalks of the fall / winter collections 2020-2021 of Rokh y Area, and they are superimposed, that is, on top of shirts, dresses or even shirts and jackets. The Spanish brand of Amancio Ortega, always pending new proposals, launches this latest collection of accessories at an affordable price so that you can implement them in your street style.

And different from what you might think, the brand is committed to wearing them with daily clothes, although these accessories look more like a parade, he does not reserve them for elegant evening outfits, but you can wear them in any occasion. We love this idea.

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There are bralettes in pearls, jewelry or mesh.

How do you wear the jewel bralette from Zara?

Zara knows how to detect the trends that leave a mark to create the outfits of the moment. With the jewel bralette It has hit the nail on the head and they are already the favorites of some, since some models have been sold out. Among these new proposals is the ‘Top Rhinestones detail’, It is a metallic top with a V-neckline, with a jewel appliqué detail and a lobster clasp that has an approximate price of 750 MXN.

There is also the model ‘Top Crystals detail’ and the ‘Top Pearls’, which have the same top cut, V-neckline and thin straps in the shape of small stones or pearls. It also has the ‘Top Joya Limited Edition’, a metallic top with jewelry app that falls on the shoulders. As the brand demonstrates on its website, any of these bralettes They can be worn with tops, blouses, dresses or shirts, of different finishes and styles. There is no rule and they promise to give a twist absolute to you outfit that results in a very original set.

This is how the jewel bralette is worn.

© Courtesy.
This is how the jewel bralette is worn.

In its most classical way the jewelry is a treasure that accompany us throughout our lives and that can transform styles. Combine traditional jewelry from new brands with accessible proposals that enhance your look, as these Latin American jewelry brands that you have to know, with jewel bralette from Zara It seems to us in the same way a complete success. So you can include your personal touch to your style.


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