10 essential fashion pieces to offer yourself on sale during Amazon Prime Day

10 essential fashion pieces to offer yourself on sale during Amazon Prime Day

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We often forget it but Amazon also has a fashion catalog which grows more and more each year. Considering the good deals that can be done there during the now famous Amazon Prime Day, which takes place this year on October 13-14, you might want to consider adding amazon.fr to your list of favorite e-shopping tabs. The remaining time being counted, GQ has selected for you 10 basics from the Amazon catalog in reduction on the occasion of Prime Day.

1. Des baskets New Balance

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A great classic almost rediscovered at the time of the normcore vogue, New Balance sneakers combine efficient design and foolproof comfort. That’s all we need right now, right?

New Balance 500 Core sneakers, 39 € instead of 75 on Amazon

2. Levi’s jeans

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In addition to being portable (more or less) everywhere, all the time, the right jeans prove to be a weapon of mass seduction. The two reasons why we recommend this one: Levi’s is more than proven in the matter and the straight cut is making a comeback after years of slim and skinny.

Jean Levi’s 504, 46.68 € instead of 69.92 on Amazon

3. Wrangler denim jacket

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We often underestimate the possibilities offered by a denim jacket: in addition to being perfect for mid-season when it is neither too hot nor too cold, it can also play the insulating mid layers until the end of the day. ‘winter. With its little western side, it will strengthen your badass side.

Wrangler denim jacket, € 50.34 instead of € 71.92 on Amazon

4. A Superdry denim shirt

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The denim shirt has some of the same advantages as its big sister the jacket: worn open over a t-shirt, it can look like a light jacket (there are sleeves, buttons and a collar, that’s almost the same, right?).

Superdry denim shirt, € 35 instead of € 69.99 on Amazon

5. A Hugo Boss plaid shirt

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We might tell you, but there is a growing trend for patchwork-style check shirts that mix up different sizes of checks. This is perfect for getting started slowly knowing that the front is uniform.

BOSS checked shirt, € 59 instead of € 119.95 on Amazon

6. A Lacoste long-sleeved t-shirt

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If you wear short-sleeved t-shirts all the time, the long-sleeved t-shirt is more seasonal (except if you are into the good old “skater boy” look with layering of short and long sleeve t-shirts) . A question of weather, but also of style: it is more chic. Finally this is only our humble opinion.

Lacoste T-shirt, € 50 at Amazon

7. Un pull Hackett

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Believe it or not, the navy blue sweater is a bit like the masculine equivalent of the little black dress: it’s pretty flattering, it appeals to everyone and adapts to all situations. Additional advantage, or rather the main one: it keeps you warm.

Hackett sweater, € 83.40 instead of € 118.85 on Amazon

8. A Calvin Klein Jeans scarf

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As a reminder, this is not the time to get sick. Even for a cold or a sore throat. So now is the time or never to listen to the good old advice of our mothers: do not go out without a scarf.

Calvin Klein Jeans scarf, € 34.34

9. An Eastpak travel bag

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We don’t know about you, but right now we dream of traveling. Yes, it’s not that simple but when we can finally do it again, we will be happy to be well equipped with this robust bag with a capacity of 58l.

Eastpak travel bag, € 55.67 instead of 70 on Amazon

10. A Celio sleeveless down jacket

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Adored by some, hated by others, the sleeveless down jacket leaves no one indifferent. This may be the reason why you can slip it over or under your coat depending on your mood.

Celio sleeveless down jacket, € 31.48 instead of 39.99 on Amazon


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