10 games to distract yourself online with friends

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During the period of social isolation, it is easy to fall into boredom, either due to the lack of contact with friends, or the monotony of barely leaving home. But, to vary the activities a little and bring back group interaction, even keeping the distance, the GUIDE separated ten online games to enjoy with friends and to really get rid of the quarantine climate:

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Among Us

The first that we are going to recommend is the biggest fever among young people during quarantine. It is a game with an app or PC version in which all players are part of the same team – except one. While the team is carrying out tasks, an imposter sabotages the lights, doors and communications on the map, and even tries to kill the other characters. When suspicious of someone or finding a body, the team has a meeting where they debate who should be expelled from the game as guilty. But none of this looks scary as it sounds! The look of the game is super simple and, when playing in connection with friends, it becomes even more fun.

Broken Picturephone

The online version of the cordless phone does not have a winner, but it does guarantee a lot of laughter. The game, available on website, starts with all players writing a sentence. That sentence passes to another player, who must draw what he read. The next one receives the drawing and must write down what they just saw, and so on, until it passes through all the participants. At the end of the round, everyone sees the results together, discovering what each original phrase has become.


Other game in website format, Codenames depends on at least four players. Two teams are divided, the red and the blue, and each decides a person to be the “spymaster” of the round. On the screen of all players, a board with the same selection of words appears, all written in black. Only on the “spymasters” screen, the same picture appears, but with the colored words, divided between the colors of each team. The objective is to give tips in a word so that your team can match those that have the color of your team. To make it difficult, there are some words in black, which are neutral and do not give points to any team. When you hit them, the team loses their turn. Whoever gets all the words right first wins. It looks confusing, but it is an easier game to understand in practice!

Bar Skol Games

This is actually an option to make group video calls more fun. Is Google Chrome browser extension which, when downloaded, appears on the screen as soon as any video call starts. It is possible to play two games: Eu Never, in which anonymous questions are asked about what players have already done in life, and Stop, in which the quickest one to hit a word with the category and the initial letter that appears appears on the screen. The games themselves are not new, but the idea of ​​playing together with friends in connection makes social isolation easier!


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This is perhaps one of the most different options on the list. It is really, a website where group calls are made, but with a difference: it simulates a party between friends in a real room. But how? Each person can choose a “place in the room” for their image to stay and, in the middle of the screen, there is a space that serves as a “table”, where there is an immense variety of mini-games to play as a group! It is also possible to select the same song or video for everyone to watch together at the same time. A way to kill the longing for meetings between friends, but without leaving home.


Games that involve guessing what the other player is drawing are always very popular. THE Gartic is the youngest in this line to win over users. In the app, the player can either be in the position of having to guess what the other is drawing or be the person who will make the drawing. It is possible to give tips, interact in the chat, and choose between categories General, Objects, Food, Animals, Verbs, Professions, Cartoons and Movies. With up to 10 participants per room, the player with the most points wins.


Who said that classic games are not for having fun on mobile? In Stop – Famous Word Game, players must choose a letter and insert five words that begin with it, in five categories. It is possible to choose categories from more than 150 options available, ranging from “Names” to complementary phrases such as “My dragon is …”. Whoever finishes the categories wins and presses the Stop button faster. You can play with friends, with random competitors or with users from other countries. Available in App Store no Google Play

One online

The most famous game to lift players’ spirits also has an online version. The application ONE! reproduces on the mobile the same structure and rules of the classic card game that everyone loves. You can play alone, with random competitors, or create a Fun Room, where you can invite your friends and make specific rules. From level 6, the mode is released ONE Universe, it is not enough to just win the card game, it is necessary to perform specific tasks (such as playing a red card as the last card) and go through the challenges proposed. Available in App Store no Google Play.


THE Kahoot is already quite famous among teachers. According to Tosh McGaughy, a specialist in digital learning, the application was used by more than 20 million users in March of this year alone. The platform is designed to create question and answer games and is generally used at school as a more fun way to evaluate students. However, as much as it is focused on the school environment, you can create personalized quizzes and invite friends to play. Each player has up to 30 seconds to respond and the faster it is, the higher the score.

House Party

This was one of the applications that stood out when the need for social isolation was established. In essence, the House Party is a game application, but video chat, just like Mixr. The difference is the games built into the app. One of them is Heads Up, which became famous in the USA with presenter Ellen DeGeneres in which each participant tries to guess a word chosen by other players by asking only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. In the House Party version, there is the option to ask questions of animals, celebrities and even series Friends e Game of Thrones.

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