10 keys to the River-Boca conflict vs. AFA

 10 keys to the River-Boca conflict vs. AFA

Boca and River stood against the Argentine Football Association.

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Boca and River stood against the Argentine Football Association.

When it seemed that everything was going smoothly, the leadership of Argentine soccer was divided again. This time, the dispute is of big clubs against boys. Or, rather, between the most and the least powerful. Ole review ten keys to this new conflict that has just begun, with Boca and River against AFA and the Professional Football League.

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1-Why did River and Boca throw the fight?

-The two most important clubs in Argentine football released a statement on Friday to denounce that they had not been consulted by AFA authorities before unilaterally interrupt the link with Fox Sports, one of the companies that owned the audiovisual rights.

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2-What does the AFA answer?

-According to the rest of the directors, Boca and River were always aware of the situation and they point out that Rodolfo D’Onofrio himself approached Claudio Tapia with an offer from Fox Sports. In addition, the day before, from Viamonte street, an email was sent to invite the 24 clubs of the League to a Zoom to discuss the issue.

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3-Why did the AFA break the contract with Fox?

-The clubs already disagreed about the amount received and also the company would not have informed the AFA in a timely manner of its merger with ESPN, a point contemplated in the agreement as grounds for termination.

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4-Why do River and Boca feel excluded from the AFA’s decisions?

-Although both Jorge Ameal and D’Onofrio were appointed vice deputies of AFA for the management that will begin in 2021, they say not to be heard for not having a position within the Executive Committee. According to Nicolás Russo, Tapia “answers the phone to everyone.”

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5-What is the current TV cast like?

50% is divided equally among all First Division teams. 25% is for sporting merit, according to the position in the standings at the end of the season prior to the one that begins. Y another 25% more than is calculated based on the rating and other variables related to the ignition. This last point is under observation, since the rating is not measured in the same way in the AMBA as in the Interior and Boca and River always play in central time.

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6-How much money do the clubs ask to collect?

-The idea of ​​the leaders is to triple the income of the contract which was in effect until Friday.

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7-What do Boca and River want?

-They understand that they are the great generators of resources and they must charge much more than the rest. And they even plan to sell the rights on their own.

Why are Boca and River angry with the AFA?



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8-Can Boca and River negotiate their rights outside the League?

No. The rights belong to the League and not to the clubs.

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9-How is the negotiation on TV now?

-Turner, company that owns the other 50% of the audiovisual rights, has priority to submit an offer and keep 100%.

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10-Are there chances that the FPT will return?

-While Public TV could broadcast two or three games per date -which is not the same as nationalizing football-, At the moment there is no progress between the AFA and the Government on this issue.

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