10 symptoms every woman should know

10 symptoms every woman should know

Ovarian cancer

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Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer often develops slowly. Therefore you should watch your body carefully – if these symptoms occur, you should definitely see a doctor!Sometimes a pinch in the stomach, then another stabbing in the back – with unspecific pain you just don’t think anything. Nonetheless, they can be symptoms of a serious illness that is otherwise hardly noticeable. Over 250,000 women receive the Diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The earlier it is discovered, the better the cancer can be treated. It is therefore extremely important that you listen to your body.

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These 10 symptoms can indicate ovarian cancer

1. Abdominal pain

You should always tell your gynecologist about abdominal pain. Even if in the end it is just simple flatulence – Prevention is better than aftercare. Constant pressure in the abdomen and uncomfortable pain in the pelvic area should be checked by a doctor.

2. Irregular cycle

Even if the risk of ovarian cancer increases with old age, younger women can also get it. Our menstrual cycle tells us a lot about our health. He reacts to the smallest influences. Deviations in the period and intensity of bleeding can also result from stress, but should nevertheless be clarified by a doctor. Even severe pain can be dangerous. A change in your period can be the first symptom of ovarian cancer.

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3. Fatigue

One symptom that is rarely recognized, but which indicates that ovarian cancer is advanced, is fatigue. If you are disproportionately exhausted and tired, you should pay attention. Difficulty breathing, nausea and loss of appetite can also occur. If your overall well-being changes, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Premature satiety

When people feel full, many people think of simple digestive problems. This mix-up is dangerous because we feel full too quickly, even though we haven’t eaten much, may be ovarian cancer behind it.

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5. Pain during sex

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Pain in the genital organs should always be clarified. who only slightly uncomfortable pressure in the abdomen during sex perceives as well has to urinate more, shouldn’t hesitate to describe the symptoms to a gynecologist.

6. back pain

Back pain has many reasons. But if the Pain is dull and feels like it emanates from inside our body we should pay attention. Does the back pain keep recurring for no apparent reason?

A visit to the doctor is advisable.

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7. Nausea

Gastrointestinal problems like Nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal cramps and diarrhea can also indicate ovarian cancer. With associated weight loss, digestive problems are a common symptom of an advanced stage.

8. Enlargement of the waist circumference

Everyone gains and loses weight from time to time. Instead of rushing into a diet, see a doctor if you notice a permanent, unusual change in the abdomen.

As ovarian cancer grows, so does the abdomen – a sign that the disease is well advanced.

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9. Unusual hair growth

Just like the menstrual cycle, hair procurement also gives us information about our health. Some women pose unusually strong hair growth, others lose their hair.

10. Constipation

Constipation is one of the gastrointestinal problems, but it is especially important to watch out for as a single symptom. Because the Digestion can be the first clues to a serious illness and is usually the first to react in ovarian cancer.

Watch your body closely to detect ovarian cancer early. Even the smallest changes in well-being – if they last long-term – should make you sit up and take notice and not ignore them.

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