10 techniques to be the king of Tinder

10 techniques to be the king of Tinder

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Tinder and dating apps alike were the big winners in the two month confinement that we lived between March and May 2020. The application to the white flame recorded more than 3 billion “swipes” in just one day. A record for the application but not only since in France, it also recorded an increase in the number of daily conversations of 23%. Contacted by GQ, the companyTinder has agreed to give us the figures that draw the gigantic ocean it represents. Every day, the dating application, launched in 2012 and market leader, registers 45 million “swipes” in France. Here are our 10 tips for ensuring a “match” every time.

1. Praised be the day of the Lord

If you want to meet people, it’s like at the bar: better to come during peak hours. However, on Tinder, the peak of activity is “Sunday, from 4 to 7 pm”. But the more time you spend on the app and interact with swipes or start the conversation first, the more the app will thank you and put you forward (of course ..).

2. Link your Tinder account to Instagram’s

Since 2015, Tinder offers its users to connect their account Instagram and his profile. The more you reveal yourself, the more your chances of matches increase. And your Instagram account can be a great asset for the right person to swipe. However, you must take care of your profile with photos of your last vacation, a work in a museum or a photo of you doing something you just love. Be careful though, your Insta account can also have the opposite effect and put off the person opposite if your account only contains selfies of you in front of your bathroom mirror. So be creative while remaining yourself.

3. Show yourself in your bio, but not too much.

We can assure you, you go badly if your bio is empty. This is an opportunity for you to express yourself but also to “sell” yourself by sharing your hobbies, passions and interests. Your bio also allows the person to start the conversation first and you avoid the trite “Hey how are you?” “. However, leave a part of mystery all the same and do not reveal all of a sudden. You need to be able to keep some during your conversations with your crush.

4. Smile, you are judged

This is not a message from the French Oral Health Union, but it turns out that you have a 14% more chance of a positive swipe if you smile. We apologize in advance to the fetishists of Mercredi Addams and Droopy.

5. No glasses or hat

“Wearing glasses (sunglasses or prescription) decreases your chances of being swiped to the right by 15%. Likewise, “wearing a hat decreases them by 12%.” In the closet these accessories, so – you are on Tinder, not at a concert Tryo during the summer of 2009. Regarding music, moreover, Jacques, a young gay man of 26 years, also places in his crippling points “people who use the word” zikos “to define themselves, and those who make the “scratch” ”.

6. Shine, but not too bright

Dilemma: if you are erased, you will not stand out; if you ooze egocentricity (with a really long blurb, for example), you’ll annoy and presto, swipe left. So Tinder suggests that the discreet to “wear bright colors” … and the boastful ones to stay honest: people want to know who you really are. Julie, a young 29-year-old mother, specifies moreover: “Guys who only have pictures of them all over the world, we know very well that you are struggling in an armored metro, like us … So do not like your life is the Guide du routard. “

7. Nice spelling and no cliché

You can be a very nice dyslexic, but bad spelling is often considered prohibitive. In a study conducted by Grammarly for eHarmony, we learned that a man making mistakes in his message was 14% less likely to receive a response. Also to forget: the cliché phrases that reinforce the feeling of being a number in the queue of the fishmonger on a Saturday afternoon at Auchan de Vélizy. “The old proverbs all farted type” happy the cracked because they let the light pass “, summarizes Léa, before adding:” We are not on Evene! “

8. Reveal yourself in your bio, but not too much either.

the podium of crippling things, Eugenie, Parisian artist of 30 years, places, like many, “the impersonal contacts of the kind” Hi, how are you? ” or “Hello, did you have a good week?” “Tinder tells us on this subject that sending a gif” increases the chances of response by 30% “and” allows to have conversations on average twice as long “.

9. Become that chef called “Thomas”

These are the most popular profession and first name on the right according to Tinder. So change your path … and your identity. Make an effort, what!

10. Be playful

Lucile, a 30-year-old florist, has developed a “time-saving questionnaire”. The document begins with this warning: “Warning: this questionnaire contains pitfalls. “Then unroll subtle questions like:” What do you think of Nadine Morano? »Admit that you have just fallen in love with Lucile.

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