10 tips to make children love vegetables

10 tips to make children love vegetables

10 tips to make children love vegetables

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10 tips to make children love vegetables

Is your kid not a big fan of broccoli and green beans? Ten ideas for taming vegetables, knowing how to cook them differently and wanting to eat them all.



1 / Bet on the raw

If your child does not like a cooked version of a vegetable, you can very well introduce him to a raw version, accompanied by a fruity vinaigrette (hazelnut oil and raspberry vinegar) or a small yogurt sauce. A good way to bite into carrots, cauliflower, zucchini … You can also prepare raw vegetables, fondue style, cut into small pieces, prick on a fork and dip in sauces.

2 / invent new recipes

For vegetables, it’s not just cooking with water or steam. They can be made in tomato sauce, slip them into a quiche, cut into julienne, gratinate them with a little milk or cream, grated cheese, mild spices, aromatic herbs (in an individual ramekin is better). Also make cakes, pies, pies, nuggets and vegetable rösti, carrot or zucchini fries

3 / Play on the presentation

Mutton in cauliflower, endive boat, fish toast … If the plate is funny and original, it makes you want a lot more. Cut out two or three funny shapes with a cookie cutter from firm (or raw) fruits or vegetables. Using a spoon, shape domes, cut sticks, draw squares or triangles, make checkers filled with vegetables. Or draw rosettes of mash with a pastry bag. And finally, multiply the colors and the toppings: fresh herbs, crushed hazelnuts, popcorn… it takes 3 minutes and it changes everything.

4 / Mix and mix

Your child doesn’t like green beans? Mix them once cooked with a little mashed potatoes, to soften their flavor and change their color. A camouflage operation to be declined with celery, broccoli, beets, spinach, zucchini, mushrooms …

5 / Take your child to pick them himself

In summer, take your child to harvest fruits and vegetables in fields, orchards or vegetable gardens open to the public (there are many associations). Stroll between the stems of fragrant tomatoes, the big pumpkins, the reams of green beans and the rows of carrots, biting on the spot raspberries and currants full of flavors, that we have picked alone as a grown-up really get to know fruits and vegetables and finally see them in a different light. We bet ?

6 / invite the fruits

Carrots with orange slices, green beans with raspberries, broccoli with kiwi slices, beets with apple slices, spinach with dried fruits… It’s beautiful, it’s super-vitamin , and delicious! Sweet and savory ideas to try absolutely.

7 / Take your child to the market

Seeing the colorful stalls, the seasonal vegetables, magnificent and whole, with all their leaves, stems and roots, it can make you want! It is also an opportunity to discover many stories: how the potatoes grow, where the pineapples come from, when the grapes are harvested.

8 / Ask your child to help out in the kitchen

Wash the zucchini, season the grated carrots, weigh ingredients, pick aromatic herbs in the garden or on the balcony … It makes you want to taste the dishes.

9 / Introduce your child to gardening

No need to have a garden or even a balcony to plant. All you need is a pot, a bag of seeds, a handful of potting soil and a window sill to get started. There are also indoor planters, with artificial lighting, which allow you to grow aromatic herbs and mini-vegetables all year round in the kitchen. See the little seed germinate and grow; take care of it, water it, repot it and end up harvesting, for example, beautiful radishes all red, good to eat. It is truly magical.

10 / make sweet with savory

Carrot cake salted butter caramel, choco-zucchini cupcakes, tomatoes stuffed with strawberries, pumpkin fritters with cinnamon, butternut cake with a scoop of ice cream, pumpkin pie (with whipped cream, it’s so good!) … Vegetables are also eaten for dessert! It is surprising and excellent.

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