1000 appointments in 400 cities

1000 appointments in 400 cities

The FAI Autumn Days are doubled. For the first time in the history of FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano, following the necessary cancellation of the spring appointment, there are in fact two weekends of extraordinary openings throughout Italy, 17-18 and 24-25 October: a thousand openings free contribution in 400 cities, to discover places that are normally inaccessible, little known or little valued in all regions.

Autumn with Fai: 1000 appointments in 400 cities

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Autumn with FAI: 1000 appointments in 400 cities

Even this year, Mediaset alongside the DO in its mission to sensitize more and more Italians to the value of our extraordinary artistic and landscape heritage. A common commitment that offers citizens the opportunity to concretely apply the subsidiarity principle – regulated by Article 118 of the Italian Constitution – actively participating in the protection of one’s country with a donation or registration with the FAI, committed every day to the protection and enhancement of the historical and artistic heritage of the peninsula. With these purposes, from 19 to 25 October 2020, on the occasion of the FAI Days, FAI launches a campaign in defense of the Italian cultural heritage with a seven-day radio and television marathon in which places and stories will be told that testify to the variety, beauty and uniqueness of the beautiful country; a fundraiser in support of the FAI, to know and love Italy.

Dedicated to Giulia Maria Crespi – The FAI Autumn Days are dedicated to Giulia Maria Crespi, Foundress and Honorary President, passed away last July. To satisfy the “desire for beauty” of the thousands of people who usually participate in FAI events during the 2 weekends, castles, historic stately homes, gardens, institutional headquarters are opened (and can be visited in full compliance with health safety regulations) , churches, convent complexes and many other “gems” such as villages, private collections, parks, places of production and trade usually reserved for professionals. The list can be found on www.giornatefai.it, where it is advisable to book online, as places are limited. All visitors can support FAI with a free donation, with a minimum value of € 3, and can also register for the association online or in the various Italian squares during the event. The online donation allows those who wish to book their visit, thus ensuring entry to the chosen places. On the occasion of FAI’s assets are also Autumn Days appear from unusual perspectives: special visits are offered to the public dedicated in particular to interventions for the environmental sustainability of the assets and, more generally, to the heritage of nature, environment and landscape cared for and enhanced by the Foundation. Here are some scheduled visits.

Amalfi, The Cloisters of Paradise – The FAI Days present a special visit dedicated to the archaeological discoveries of the last excavation campaign (2019-2020) funded by Ferrarelle that shed light on the ancient Amalfi customs linked to the cult of the dead. This is the Cloister of Paradise, today part of the Cathedral of Amalfi and built between 1266 and 1268 as a cemetery for the nobles of the city, to which six frescoed chapels were added between the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century. During the visit, the specialists who worked on the construction site will be told about the discovery of 24 family tombs. The Cloister of San Pietro della Canonica dates back to 1233, a spectacular four-sided portico overlooking the sea attached to the Promenade of the Monks, once a stop on the Grand Tour. Usually closed to the public, today it Grand Hotel Convent of Amalfi. Visits Sunday 18 October.

Bologna, Palazzo Davia Bargellini – Located in front of the four-sided portico of the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi, the seventeenth-century Palazzo Bargellini is one of the most notable examples of Baroque architecture in Bologna. Designed by Bartolomeo Provaglia, takes up a widespread way of conceiving interior spaces in Bolognese architecture. The internal loggia connects two courtyards: the first of these leads to the staircase leading to the noble floors. On the occasion of the FAI Days it will be possible to visit environments normally closed to the public, such as the pincer staircase – probably built in 1730 by Alfonso Torregiani and with stucco decorations by Giuseppe Borelli – which leads to the noble floor where the Nomisma consulting company is housed, which can also be visited. Visits Saturday 17 and Sunday 18, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October.

Video: The explorer (Mediaset)

Milan, Thermal power station – Normally closed to the public and still active following the conversion to gas, the thermal power plant of the Santa Maria Novella station, located next to the tracks, was built between 1932 and 1934 on a project Angiolo Mazzoni with the approval of the Ministry of Communications, which had expressed the need to build a single and efficient central heating system for the entire station. At the time, the power plant was much appreciated by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti for its architectural features. The approach to Italian Futurism and Russian Constructivism, but also the quotations from the metaphysical and silent forms of Giorgio De Chirico and Mario Sironi, are some of the aspects highlighted by the critics who, especially recently, have brought attention to this emblematic work of Italian architecture between the two wars. Visits Saturday 17 and Sunday 18, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October.

Turin, Valentino Castle – The Valentino Castle, included since 1997 in the World Heritage list of UNESCO, is located on the west bank of the river Po and today houses the Department of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Turin. Purchased by Emanuele Filiberto in 1564, the “river villa”, located in the Vallantinum region, so called because it was marked by the presence of a valley crossed by a stream, was donated in 1619 to Cristina di Francia on the occasion of her wedding with the future Vittorio Amedeo I and between 1620 and 1621 it was transformed into a plaisance house based on a project by Carlo di Castellamonte. In 1645-1646, again on a project by Amedeo di Castellamonte, two pavilions were built towards Turin, connected by a system of terraced arcades in the form of a semicircular exedra that define a large courtyard of honor. FAI Autumn Days it will be possible to visit, on the main floor, the hall of honor, frescoed by Isidoro Bianchi da Campione between 1633 and 1642, and the most significant rooms of the two royal apartments connected to it.

Taranto, Military Maritime Arsenal – The Maritime Military Arsenal of Taranto is one of the three still active in Italy, together with that of Augusta (SR) and La Spezia. Inaugurated on 21 August 1899, in the presence of King Umberto I, its construction was immediately received with great consensus by public opinion as a positivist turning point to bring work and progress to the local community. It currently occupies an area of ​​90 hectares with a seafront of about 3km and consists of four sectors: the management, the combat systems area to the west, the platform area in the center and that of the distributed services to the east. Inside one of the oldest buildings of the complex, the interesting is set up Arsenale Historical Exhibition (Mo.SA), a permanent exhibition of naval relics, inaugurated in 1979. Normally closed to the public as a military site, the visit will be a rare opportunity to get to know this important city. Visits Saturday 17, Sunday 18, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October.

You can contribute to the “Let’s remember to save Italy” campaign in three other ways:

– by sending a solidarity SMS to the number 45582 from 6 to 25 October from each personal WINDTRE, TIM, Vodafone, Iliad, PosteMobile, CoopVoce and Tiscali mobile phone;

– making a call to the same number to donate 5 or 10 euros with a phone call from the TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE, Fastweb and Tiscali fixed network; or 5 euros with TWT, Convergenze and PosteMobile

– participating in the initiatives of the partner companies of the campaign on the national territory.

For more information : www.giornatefai.it


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