11-year-old Eren plays 10 different instruments

Eren Yavuz, 11, living with her family in Manavgat district of Antalya, plays 10 different instruments.

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Eren Yavuz, 11, living with her family in Manavgat district of Antalya, plays 10 different instruments.

11-year-old Eren Yavuz, who lives with his family in the Manavgat district of ANTALYA, plays 10 different instruments. Eren’s favorite instrument, who has also studied piano, is the pumpkin kemane. Eren Yavuz, who played Turkish Folk Music melodies with Kabak violin and foreign pieces, said, “First I want to study science, then medicine or law. If I cannot achieve these, I want to progress as an academician in music.”Eren Yavuz, who lives in Manavgat, was introduced to music when his father Mehmet Yavuz was interested in music and took baglama lessons at home when he was 3 years old. Being the only child of Mehmet and Serap Yavuz couple, Eren’s interest in music gradually increased. When he was 4 years old, he wanted to play the baglama like his father, and Eren, who broke the strings, received a small baglama and cura. Eren, who learned to play cura on her own, took her father to a music teacher to take baglama lessons. Eren Yavuz, who waited at home for a year and went to kindergarten, was interested in music at home during this time, after the teacher said, ‘This child is illiterate, I cannot teach this.

After learning how to read and write, Eren, who studied baglama for 5 years with a music teacher, also learned how to play lute, cümbüş, sazbus, violin, gourd violin, guitar and rhythm instrument. Eren Yavuz, who studied violin for 1 year so that her family could be familiar with music in western form, learned to learn how to use the violin without any help from anywhere. In order not to lose the talent of Eren Yavuz, who is now studying piano and plays the music he heard with his ears, rather than notes, his father Mehmet Yavuz turned a room in the duplex apartment they live into a studio so that his son can do his music studies comfortably and that neighbors are not disturbed. Eren Yavuz, who also learns Kabak violin and improves herself every day, can play all works of Turkish Folk Music. In addition to this, Eren Yavuz, who plays many foreign pieces with a zucchini violin, says that she is happy to play the pumpkin violin. I even knew myself with the music, I even got to drink with music. At first I got a baglama in my hand, I proceeded to play it, then I started to go to the pumpkin violin. Now I play many instruments such as guitar, baglama, zucchini kemane, sazbüş, cümbüş. I am taking a course, “he said. ‘I WANT TO STUDY DOCTORING OR LAW’, Eren Yavuz, a secondary school student, said that his friends and teachers had great interest in the school and said,” I want to get a good education. If I cannot succeed, I want to progress as an academician in music, “he said. Mehmet Yavuz, who was also the technical manager, also said, “When I started to take baglama training, Eren was about 2 to 3 years old. My Bağlama education lasted 2 years. During this 2-year period, Eren started playing herself. After we discovered this talent, we took it to a teacher. The music teacher said, “We cannot start this business without literacy.” We waited for Eren to go to kindergarten, but Eren did not wait. He eagerly tried to do this job. We also gave our support, “he said.’RECEIVED 5 YEARS BINDING TRAINING’

Mehmet Yavuz said that the first instrument Eren tried to play was the baglama, but because it was too small, they received a cura and played the cura, and said, “Eren received baglama training for 5 years. After that, she studied violin for 1 year. Kabak is completely her own enthusiasm for violin. “He said,” Zucchini is progressing on the violin right now. He says’ this is my instrument. “



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