11 years after the extinction of LyF, SME resists with the hope placed in AMLO

11 years after the extinction of LyF, SME resists with the hope placed in AMLO

After 11 years of the government of President Felipe Calderón took over the facilities of the public company Luz y Fuerza del Centro to begin its extinction, while the Mexican team played, the Mexican Union of Electricians (SME) survives with the hope of 16 thousand workers to recover their jobs, but arrives fragmented and in the middle of a dubious election that has forced the government of the fourth transformation to retain the note of the leader Martín Esparza, a fact that more than a decade ago triggered the conflict.

Javier Lozano refers that the plan to disappear LyF had been in place since 1985, but with the earthquake the priorities changed. (Monica Gonzalez)

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Javier Lozano refers that the plan to disappear LyF had been in place since 1985, but with the earthquake the priorities changed. (Monica Gonzalez)

After the extinction, the SME has had ups and downs in its fight. He achieved triumphs in courts, which were later overthrown by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. Being an industry union, it prevented its disappearance, but it has not yet specified its main objective: retrieve the work stuff.

Although the union is divided, all parties agree that the arrival of this new government opens the hope of reaching an agreement to regain their employment, either with a substitute employer in the Federal Commission of Electricians or the creation of a new public company. based on the energy counter-reform that Morena is seeking in the Chamber of Deputies.

“What we propose is that we seek a rapprochement with the current government to reach an agreement. We are in that intention of seeking to strengthen the nationalized electricity sector (…) Today we are in a moment in which all this can be reversed, revert to neoliberalism and its measures and its structural reforms For this, organized popular organization is needed, the participation of trade unions, peasant social organizations and others, and we believe that this is the only way the process really moves forward”, Expressed Humberto Montes de Oca, Foreign Secretary of the SME and unconditional of Martín Esparza.

In the same way, agreed Mario Benítez, a member of the dissidence that seeks to defeat Esparza in the internal elections considering it a hindrance to achieve this objective, He accuses that he has already moved away from the interests of electricians with his company Fenix.

“Eleven years later, the vast majority of us arrive unemployed, hoping that Andrés Manuel will now complete the labor and union reintegration with a leadership that he has betrayed, and a huge opposition that begins to advance articulating in an organized way to recover union democracy, flags that he released the current leadership headed by Martín Esparza ”, he commented in an interview.

SME Division has come to court and complaints

Despite the coincidences in the speech, the SME maintains a deep division that has reached the courts, conciliation boards and even complaints for which, currently, the leadership and Esparza himself are under investigation by the Financial Intelligence Unit.

The complaint filed against him, and of which MILLENNIUM has a copy, refers that a copy of the liquidations of all the workers who worked in Luz y Fuerza del Centro was received, contained in the document released by the National Institute of Access to Information (INAI) with folio 0681200013318. In this file, which consists of 643 foliated pages, it can be “appreciated in a relevant way, how the members of the Central Committee, their families and relatives received millionaire amounts without justification.

It states that on page 643, there is Mr. Eduardo Bobadilla (a member of the SME leadership and very close to Esparza) who “Receives in the Additional item, by liquidation 5 million 649 thousand 586 pesos without any kind of justification. His wife, Susana Mondragón, with only 6 years of service at LyFC, received a settlement of 5 million, also without justification. And the daughter of both, with 3 months of work, received by liquidation almost a million pesos. However, the absolute majority of the more than 40 thousand workers listed have no additional payment ”.

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The document also speaks of Martín Esparza’s family. For example, his brother Francisco Esparza Flores, who was 19 years old, received 4 million 301 thousand 954 pesos for liquidation. “While workers with more than 25 years of service did not even reach a million pesos in settlement.

Another that stands out in the list is the son of the leader of the same name, Martín, who had 5 years old and was settled with more than a million pesos.

“Esparza’s other brothers and even his driver are in the same condition.” Other members of the leadership and the same relatives of Esparza also receive what they called life annuities for an amount of 44 thousand pesos per month.

“If we see possibilities of labor reintegration and we see this provision, what happens, why is it not materialized? Well I think that in particular Martín Esparza is a hindrance because he, commanding the union, demands that they give him a contract for a transnational company (Phoenix) and is no longer in the government’s plans. So we see that this is a hindrance to achieving reintegration; that Martin continues to hold himself as general secretary and that is why we are also challenging him for the leadership and that they do not give him the note taking because he has committed fraud, “accused Mario Benítez.

Due to the pandemic, the federal government extended the SME to maintain its current leadership, but after an election that has been contested by the dissent for holding it in the midst of the epidemic and with accusations of irregularities, they have not been able to obtain the Note Taking. Given this, Montes de Oca warns that they will give the legal fight and if necessary they will return to the streets to demand it, which puts them, as if it were a dejavú, in the same position as 11 years ago.

“We would definitely make a legal defense: we have the Amparo route for a decision of this nature and if necessary we would resort to social mobilization, as we have traditionally proved done over 11 years,” he warned.

Since 1985 they wanted to disappear LyFC: Lozano

Javier Lozano, Secretary of Labor in the Calderón administration explained: “We were allocating 43 billion pesos a year in subsidies just to maintain the operation of an organization Besides, far from betting on productivity, it grew, according to personnel and workforce numbers, and demand grew, so this was going to be a bottomless barrel with 44 thousand workers, 22 thousand retirees and it continued to grow.

“It was inexhaustible and with very high levels of corruption and inefficiency, with technical and non-technical losses close to 35 percent, because what happened with Luz y Fuerza del Centro is that they bought the electricity block from the CFE and then already They are in charge of distributing here in the central area of ​​the country. They generated very little, they really bought the electricity, but also with respect to what they bought, of the 100 percent they bought, 35% got lost along the way, so you only sold 65% and subsidized, how was this going to be business?

Lozano refers that the plan to disappear LyFC had been in place since 1985, but with the earthquake of September 19 the priorities changed. However, while passing through the Ministry of Energy, Calderón had the diagnosis that allowed him to specify the extinction.

“We gave a couple of years of grace to all this, in 2007, in 2008, and when in 2009 instead of reaching an agreement you see a belligerence in the union, you see that things are not improving, that the agreement continues to grow and They continue to hire more people and these people who hired additionally were people who were chosen by the union, apart from selling their seats, the right to be hired by the company was sold by the union, then there was corruption everywhere“They also had a specialization clause for the job that not a single worker could do several activities, but you had such a level of specialization that that is why what 44,000 workers did before, the 12,000 ended up doing (…) I believe that 11 years away, what all Mexicans can observe is that it was a courageous, timely, pertinent decision, authentic, well designed and well executed ”.


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