“12O was the march of hatred, it was taking zombies to the streets”


© Juan Ferrari

The October 17 march is approaching and it is not yet known if it will be virtual, on the street and what to expect at this event. However, there is speculation that a massive adhesion will revitalize the Alberto Fernández government.

The Deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, Eduardo Valdes, warned that the congregation will be very different from the last opposition protest, since “thatto march of the past October 12 ° it was the march of hate“Because when” we manifest ourselves we do it with joy not with that hatred that journalists who do not think like them carry ahead, who do not resist the second question “.

In short, for Valdés: “That was not a mobilization, it was taking zombies to the streets, with a very marked hatred“. Likewise accused the newspaper Clarín of calling this “march of hatred” and to publish the personal address of the current Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

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We are the street “, sentence the referent of the Front of All. And he added: “We have emerged into the history of going out into the street as Scalabrini Ortiz said, the subsoil of the revolted homeland. The invisible ones, who nobody registered, took the May Plaza and they manifested ”.

However, about the pandemic and how you imagine the October 17 march, he was sincere: We never imagined that we were going to have to govern in a pandemic “. Although in this context,”With a pandemic, the only thing that works is to be able to take care of ourselves and others. We do not choose the time that we are living. We want to honor those who made that October the 17th but as appropriate in times of pandemic

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On the other hand, Eduardo Valdés assured that he does not want to “make a counterpoint with Moyano” since the leader of truckers drove a caravan with Truckers next Saturday. And remarked once more that there is “To make the best decision for others and not for our ego.” In this sense, he proposed a meeting to talk with the other colleagues to reach an agreement on a virtual demonstration.

The deputy also said that “it is very important that those of us who support this government, let us comply with the mandatory social distance measures, of prevention of the sanitary policy that the President has raised ”. And he stressed that according to him, “the best way to commemorate the day of loyalty is precisely to be loyal to those decisions of the Government and participate virtually”.


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