16 signs that the romance is over

16 signs that the romance is over

To what extent is it worth keeping in a dating or marriage? Identify the timing of ending a relationship it is a common dilemma in the lives of many couples, just as it happened with Bruna Marquezine. The actress revealed in a video on YouTube last Saturday (10) who learned a lot from his past relationships, but insisted too much on some.

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“One very good thing is that today I know what I don’t want in a relationship, what I don’t accept in a partner. Which doesn’t do me any good. What I know brings out my worst version. I do not regret it. I only regret having insisted on a lot of them, ”he said. Brunette about the subject.

According to the psychologist Mônica Nascimento Mafra, there are fundamental support pillars in a relationship – and we must always be attentive to them to assess when the romance is not going well: “Being in a relationship is to maintain a daily reflection, to have a self-knowledge and maturity to deal with the day to day”.

In this context, when one of the main pillars, the love, is not validated by both, life as a couple begins to have problems. “There are some signs that are showing that things are not going well. We cannot ignore them ”, says Mônica. Thinking about it, the specialist listed some of these alerts that indicate that the relationship is no longer healthy, to help you know when to stay or move on. Check out!

Signs that the relationship is no longer healthy

1. The couple is no longer available for love. It happens when there is no delivery of one or both members of the relationship; just demands, selfishness and pride.

2. The couple does not care to recognize the causes of their problems, which are often frequent. In those moments, vanity and grievances gain more space.

3. Everything becomes a reason for disagreement in the relationship. The couple no longer looks at the whole and focuses only on the bad parts, failing to seek the paz.

4. One no longer understands the differences of the other and begins to see them as a problem in their life together.

5. Nobody is responsible for promoting the good of the relationship.

6. There is no more incentive to dreams and wishes of the partner.

7. There is only room for judgment and discussions are no longer constructive.

8. Lack of Communication becomes a serious problem, intensifying the couple’s fights.

9. Sexual desire for each other is little or nil.

10. The couple no longer makes plans for the future together.

11. There are no more couple activities, whether social or family interactions.

12. Lies become common in the relationship.

13. One feels alone even when in the company of the other.

14. Do you or your partner start to neglect your own body.

15. The couple, or one of the two, constantly represses or ridicules the other, in an abusive way.

16. THE jealousy starts to be exaggerated, generating even more fights and distrust in the relationship.

Were you able to identify some of these signs in your relationship? So, if it does you more harm than good, maybe it’s time to raise the red flag and consider the end of relationship.

After all, the goal of sharing life with someone else is to be even happier! “Love is delivery and it is the will to make it work”, concludes the psychologist.

Consulting: Mônica Nascimento Mafra, psychologist from Belo Horizonte (MG) | Interview and editing: Renata Rocha


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