3 good reasons to start exercising when you are over 60

3 good reasons to start exercising when you are over 60

With age, the symptoms increase, strength and fitness decrease and the body becomes more prone to injury. And maybe in your life up to now you have never had much interest in sport anyway. So isn’t it even a risk to get back into the sport? No it is not!


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Laut dem Orthopedic doctor Martin Marianowicz is actually never too late for this, as he explains on the website “fitbook.de”. And he gives good reasons to work on your fitness beyond the age of 60.

By the way: You burn most of the calories in the sports that we introduce to you in the following video!

1. Sport is a real fountain of youth!

With increasing age, our body continues to degrade. He continuously loses muscle mass and bone density also decreases. The is mainly a consequence of the decreasing hormone production. This development cannot be stopped, but it can be effectively counteracted – above all through sport.

Regular physical activity builds muscle mass and improves posture and general condition. A well-trained 60-year-old could be loud Marianowicz be fitter and more vital als a 25-year-old sports grouch.

Here is a recommended workout program for beginners and beginners alike.

2. EThere’s nothing better for your health!

Regular exercise protects against numerous ailments and health problems that otherwise increase with age. Exercise is good for the heart and blood vessels and loud Marianowicz As effective as most drugs for high blood pressure. Sport revs up the metabolism, protects against diabetes, helps against joint problems, strengthens the immune system, lowers the cholesterol level and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Marianowicz assures that there is “no pill, no cholesterol-lowering drug that has a more reliable life-prolonging effect than regular exercise.” And that would especially apply to people over 60.

3. Sport makes you happy!

Sport is also good for our psyche, because increased physical well-being is accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction. This is especially true if you use it to make new contacts and thus enrich your social life – for example, by joining a fitness group of your peers. But even those who enjoy their fitness program alone can only win.

You can always do a little exercise, even in bed.

Dhat you should keep in mind when training

From a certain age – depending on your physical condition – you can of course no longer train as intensively as you did when you were young. Before starting, a preventive health check is also recommended, preferably by your family doctor. When exercising, don’t overdo it. It is especially important at the beginning, says Marianowicz, to control the heart rate. 120 to 125 beats per minute are ideal.

Which sport you ultimately choose depends entirely on yourself. In principle, whatever you like is allowed. Even regular walking causes A lot, according to Marianowicz. He but also recommends gentle cardio training and light endurance and weight training – preferably a little bit of everything.

Swimming, cycling, dancing, gymnastics or Nordic walking are considered healthy and proven workouts for the elderly. And in the end, the main thing is that you start at all, because everything speaks for it.

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