3 mistakes to avoid in fashion when you are over 50!

3 mistakes to avoid in fashion when you are over 50!

3 mistakes to avoid in fashion when you are over 50!

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3 mistakes to avoid in fashion when you are over 50!

same if we should be able to wear everything at any age, some women are not always comfortable with their changing body after fifty.

The ideal in fashion is to adapt your look according to the passing years and find the right associations that will highlight you.

To help you, here are 3 mistakes to avoid when it comes to looks when you’re over 50.

Fashion faux pas to avoid

  • 1 / Bet on outfits that are too short

Past fifties, it is of course recommended to feel comfortable in his clothes. To have a chic and trendy look, it is advisable to avoid outfits that are too short and to bet mainly on skirts and dresses that stop above the knee or mid-knee.

As for dresses, you can go for a piece that stops at knee height or for a long model.

Of course, if you love your legs more than anything, listen to yourself and take advantage of this asset to highlight them, but avoid the mini-skirt, which could quickly become vulgar.

  • 2 / Mix the prints

No matter the age, the prints can sometimes be treacherous. We therefore advise you to bet on graphic pieces that highlight you.

Avoid XXL checked blouses for example, who could you get fat just like the horizontal stripes that widen. Bet on refined prints, often black and white with fine lines.

Another mistake not to make: the mixture of prints. Of course, we avoid combining a leopard blouse with zebra pants.

  • 3 / Opt for any colors

For be trendy after 50, It is necessary to know the colors that suit us and bet on prominent colors. We avoid total black looks which can age just like the beige outfits which can quickly become “grandmother”.

Conversely, we tend to fall for navy blue, white, pine green, bright red or even camel. You can of course opt for black pieces that offer a slimming side, but avoid total looks.

What to highlight after 50 years:

You do not know which part of your body to enhance? Here are our tips:

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Head carriage


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