3 tips for choosing the right clementines

3 tips for choosing the right clementines

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We love this winter fruit, slightly tangy and sweet, that we easily take for the 10am break or to taste it. From November, clementines land on the markets. To choose them well, here are 3 tips to apply during your next shopping trip

  • Preferably choose clementines leaves, it is a guarantee of quality and freshness. The clementine was picked a short time ago.
  • If the clementine is slightly green on the top, do not run away, on the contrary, it proves that the fruit was not colored in a cold room. This color does not alter the maturity or the taste of the clementine.
  • Clementine must be closed touch, scented and fleshy with a good adherent skin. The peduncle in turn must be green and well attached to the fruit.


Clementine can easily be stored for 1 week at room temperature. It is also possible to store it in the refrigerator, in the vegetable drawer, to keep it longer without fear that it will be dehydrated.


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