3,700 fewer schoolchildren in Paris this year

3,700 fewer schoolchildren in Paris this year

Paris is losing schoolchildren. This year, the drop is even unprecedented.

The start of the school year in an elementary school in Montpellier on September 1, 2020 (illustration photo)

© Pascal Guyot-AFP
The start of the school year in an elementary school in Montpellier on September 1, 2020 (illustration photo)

The capital has 3,723 fewer schoolchildren than last year. If this decline has been constant for ten years – on average two to three thousand children in primary school less at each start of the school year – it was a little more important for the 2020-2021 school year, the rectorate told BFMTV.com from Paris. In total, nursery and elementary schools in the capital thus accommodate 118,692 students.

However, this did not translate into class closures, we specify.

“The pupils benefit from better support, because if there are fewer pupils, the means remain the same.”

With an average of 21.2 pupils per primary school teacher, compared to 23.4 three years ago.

In detail, this decrease affects more the boroughs of the north-east and the center. “With the rise in rents, working people with children have a greater tendency than before to leave for the suburbs, or even a little further. And the phenomenon has precipitated this year with the health crisis”, adds one.

Decline in the private sector

In Parisian private establishments, the trend is the same. This year, there are 258 fewer first-degree students in classrooms. “This represents a decrease of 0.8%”, assures BFMTV.com Étienne Tercinier, head of human resources for Catholic education in Paris. For information, kindergartens and elementary schools in the private sector have a total of some 28,109 children.

“This is the first time that we have experienced a decline even if we felt this trend coming. Before, we were gaining 300 students per year. But in recent years, we have only gained 50.”

In the second degree also the tendency is similar. “This year, we only won 31 students”, continues Étienne Tercinier, also in charge of statistics at the diocese of Paris. However, in twenty years, first and second degrees combined, private establishments had registered 10,000 additional students.

“The confinement has accelerated things. Families have realized that they can continue to work without living in Paris and have settled in the outer suburbs, even in the provinces, and only come to Paris for a day or two a day. This also explains the phenomenon is that parents of young children are more mobile than those with adolescents attending college or high school, with less attraction for country life and the stakes of studies. superior. ”


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