5 Day of the Dead recipe pairings with craft beers

5 Day of the Dead recipe pairings with craft beers

5 Day of the Dead recipe pairings with craft beers

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5 Day of the Dead recipe pairings with craft beers

He Day of the Dead It is a very important tradition in Mexico. Rather than being a sad holiday, it is full of colors, aromas and flavors. That is why the dishes that make up the altar of the dead are so complex and delicious. TO our Beer specialist, Richie Castro, came up with the great idea of suggest pairings of these traditional recipes, with a good traditional beer.

Give it and enjoy!

Mucbipollo with American IPA beer

He Mucbipollo is a Tamale that is prepared in Yucatan. Bring lard and meat broth. It is filled with chicken, pork, achiote, different spices, aromatic herbs and habanero pepper. Traditionally, it is placed in an earth oven and covered with burning logs. This dish, due to its spicy characteristics, is perfectly accompanied with a American IPA. In this case, Dog of the Sea is recommendedby Wendlant. This one has a fruity, citric and resinous profile, which can be a good bridge with the annatto and the citrus of the dish. In the same way, its bitterness can cut the butter, cleaning the palate.

Potosinian enchiladas with Bitter English beer

The enchiladas Potosinas They are made with dough, which is colored with ancho or red chili. This is why it has that characteristic reddish color. They are stuffed with cheese, onion and sauce of the same chilies. On top they have lettuce, cheese and cream.

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These enchiladas, due to their slightly toasted and spicy flavors, it is recommended that you accompany it with a classic English Bitter beer. In this case it may be Hobgoblin, from Wychwood, which due to its malt notes with light toast, soft caramel and an earthy and floral hop profile, can pair well with the characteristics of the dish, giving a good accompaniment and support.

Mole Poblano with Flanders Red Ale beer

Usually this type of mole carries a mix of different dried chilies, spices, chocolate and seeds. It is served on a piece of chicken. As not everything that has toasted profiles (coffee and chocolate) must go with a Stout or Porter (a pairing that has become commonplace), here we want you to be able to experiment. So it is recommended to accompany with a Flanders Red Ale. Look for Duchesse De Bourgogne, since this beer has a complex profile that reminds you of black fruits, plums, with a light chocolate base. That is the link with the flavors of mole. It also has marked acidity, which helps cut the fat and even the heat of the mole.

Pan de Muerto with Belgian Blond

This we could not miss. Saying pan It can be made in different ways and with various recipes, but the traditional one has sugar, anise and orange zest. For this recipe we will break again with the classic: it would usually be with a stout, but we recommend that you accompany it with a bread Belgian Blond, which could be La Trappe Blond.

This beer sometimes has a medium bitterness that can counteract the sweetness of the bread and also has orange, spicy, sweet profiles that can be marvelously accompanied with bread and finally with the high carbonation it has and that will help us refresh. .

Tacha Pumpkin with Belgian Dark Strong Ale

This is another classic dish, which can have different preparations. It is usually made with piloncillo honey and cinnamon, it has a fairly sweet flavor and toasted caramel that goes perfectly with a Belgian Dark Strong Ale, por ejemplo St. Bernardus Abt 12 o Chimay Azul.

This style has a complex character, with malt flavors reminiscent of toast, caramel, raisins, prunes, and has a spicy, pepper-like profile, with slight bitterness and a good presence of alcohol. This last characteristic can help balance the sweet profile of both the beer and the pumpkin and, again, its high carbonation can help us clean our mouths so we can continue to enjoy the dessert.

The news 5 Day of the Dead recipe pairings with craft beers was originally published in Direct to Paladar México by Richie Castro .


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