5 Reasons why Covid-19 is so deadly

5 Reasons why Covid-19 is so deadly

He coronavirus He came to teach humanity great lessons. Although the months continue to pass and the studies and vaccines around it continue to advance, for what reasons the coronavirus is so dangerous and deadly.

5 Reasons why Covid-19 is so deadly. Photo: iStock

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5 Reasons why Covid-19 is so deadly. Photo: iStock

Experts give you these 5 reasons why we should not lower our guard and take into account how lethal it is Covid-19.

1. It is misleading

He coronavirus it enters our body and despite being installed in the respiratory tract, it could deceive the immune system by pretending that everything is fine.

“The cells of our body begin to release chemical substances – called interferones– once they are attacked by a virus and this is a warning sign for the rest of our body and the immune system; However; he Covid-19 it can deactivate this chemical warning, that’s why many people do not realize that they have the virus “, says the professor Paul Lehner of the University of Cambridge.

2. It is a virus that hits and leaks

The amount of virus in our body it begins to reach its maximum the day before we start to get sick.

At least a week passes before the coronavirus progress and the patient is hospitalized.

“It’s a virus that hits you and runs away,” warns Professor Lehner.

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3. Our bodies are not prepared for it

The last pandemic that we live was that of swine flu virus, better known as AH1N1However, it was not as deadly as expected.

“There are different types of coronavirus and Sars-CoV-2 it is a practically new one, to the degree of being a great shock for his immune system “, explains the professor Tracy Hussell, University of Manchester.

4. Building an immune defense is a challenge in older adults

As we reach old age, we produce fewer T cells, which are helpful for the immune system, so it is very difficult to defend against Covid-19.

5. It is accompanied by unexpected illnesses

Various studies have shown that Covid-19 It starts out as a lung disease but can affect the entire body.

Professor Mauro Giacca, from King’s College London, the virus It not only kills lung cells, it also corrupts them.

Another big surprise is the way in which blood clotting changes when the person is affected by the coronavirus.

Blood clotting markers are “200%, 300%, 400% higher” than normal in some Covid patients, reports Professor Beverly Hunt of King’s College London.

These effects throughout the body could be due to the cellular gate that the virus enters to infect our cells, called the ACE2 receptor. It is found throughout the body, including blood vessels, kidneys, liver, and lungs.

Now you know 5 reasons why Covid-19 is so deadly. Remember that it is very important to continue using the mask, washing hands and staying at home as much as possible. Watch your health!


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