5 small changes for a nicer home

5 small changes for a nicer home

If you want to change your home without investing a lot of time, you should definitely try these five mini changes

Furnishing: 5 small changes for a nicer home iStockphoto

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Furnishing: 5 small changes for a nicer home iStockphoto

If someone had told us at the beginning of the year that we had to spend more time at home than ever before – we probably would not have believed it. But now that we have to do almost everything from our living room, sooner or later we can quickly get tired of our furnishings. But to change this fact, no major decoration makeover is necessary. Small changes here and there can have a big impact and transform our home into something new and beautiful.

1. Bring nature inside

If you don’t have a garden and want to make your home office days a little more colorful and green, we recommend placing plants and flowers in the apartment. They not only provide fresher air, but also give the interior a touch of nature. Houseplants namely can survive even in autumn / winter and beautify the apartment. Or how about a homemade garland made of natural materials such as chestnuts, colorful leaves and twigs? These are also ideal in bundled form as autumn bouquets for vases.

2. Accent lighting

Many professional designers think of lighting primarily when designing a room – and for good reason. The right lights have a significant influence on the feeling of space and can accentuate and highlight certain areas. Be it a small table lamp on the kitchen counter or a wall lamp above the bed: As an alternative to monotonous floor lamps, we create a more cozy room and bring a simple yet noticeable change.

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3. New picture order

After staring at the same pictures on the walls for a while, we don’t even notice them after a while. But you don’t have to invest in expensive new images to make a change. It is often enough to rearrange the existing art on the walls.

4. Remodel shelves

A similar principle as with the pictures also applies to the design of the shelves. If you have had the same decoration on the furniture for years, a small change in the arrangement can create a fresh change. Do you rearrange bowls, vases and books – maybe even in a slightly unusual shape?

5th place for fun and relaxation

If you work from home, the whole house can only be seen as an office instead of a home. To make it more homely and cozy again, you should set up small retreats that you only use for relaxation or pleasure. A small armchair with fluffy pillows and a warm bedspread is enough. The main thing is that you feel comfortable there and enjoy the changed environment.

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