5 things you should know about beer belly and how to get rid of it

5 things you should know about beer belly and how to get rid of it

The beer belly is hard because of the type of fat that accumulates.

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The beer belly is hard because of the type of fat that accumulates.

The hard belly or also called “chelera belly” is one that some beer lovers tend to have, especially as they age. There is a reason this tummy type forms more in men than women. We will see what the cause is and how to eliminate it since the abdominals do not usually work.

1. Why does beer cause a belly?

Alcoholic beverages in general can increase your fat and weight, it is all about the empty calories. When you consume more calories in the day than you burn, the body converts excess calories into fat. Consider that a single beer has 150 calories And if you add to that the consumption of snacks.

Also, “when you drink alcohol, liver burns alcohol instead of fat“Says Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Michael Jensen to WebMD.

2. Why is it more common in older people?

Beer belly is more common in older people because as we age, men and women become less active and the caloric needs decrease. It is easier to exceed the calorie intake you require.

3. Why do men’s beer bellies grow bigger?

Men are more likely to develop visceral fat. In women, the extra fat tends to be deposited on their arms, thighs and buttocks, as well as on their bellies; while men store more in their bellies because they have less subcutaneous fat.

Another reason that men are at higher risk for a beer belly is because drinking alcoholic beverages such as beer lowers testosterone levels and low testosterone levels can increase the risk of weight gain, especially around the abdomen, publishes Healthline.

4. Why is tummy hard?

A soft belly is caused by subcutaneous fat, which is located near the surface of the skin. But as the beer belly is visceral fat, this compacted when located in the spaces between the organs of the abdominal cavity.

As visceral fat accumulates it pushes the abdominal wall outward. Although the fat itself it’s not hard In herself, the tissues that make up the abdomen are.

5. Are there risks for that belly?

Subcutaneous fat like “love handles” and also located on your thighs, hips and buttocks is less dangerous than visceral fat. Healthline notes that visceral fat is metabolically active, which means that it can interfere with your body’s hormones.

Visceral fat within the abdominal wall is often measured by waist circumference. “When the waist circumference exceeds the 35 inches for women and 40 for men, is associated with a higher risk of illness heart disease, metabolic syndrome and overall mortality, ”says Dr. Jensen.

How to get rid of it?

The abs won’t get rid of that tummy. With these exercises you will strengthen your core muscles and help you retain belly fat, but they will not make it go away.

Two things are basically required. Reduce calorie intake with a balanced diet and physical activity.

The reduction in calories includes a lower intake of alcohol. Light beers usually have 100 calories. A moderate consumption is one drink for women and one to two for men.

As for exercises, the best ones to reduce fat are aerobics such as running, swimming and cycling.

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