5 tips to help my child potty

5 tips to help my child potty

Potty training: 5 tips to help my child potty

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Potty training: 5 tips to help my child potty

As a baby grows, he begins to learn to speak, to walk and most importantly to be clean. Potty jogging is not always an easy task for a child. Marine Lhomme, pediatric nurse, reveals several tips to facilitate the acquisition of cleanliness.

Language learning and walking are essential steps for a young child. Becoming clean is also an important phase, which marks the passage from the baby stage to that of the child. In general, the acquisition of cleanliness begins around 18 months, but it all depends on the child. The season also plays a role in this learning. A little one may feel more comfortable starting it in the summer because they wear less clothing than in the winter. He can therefore remove them more easily.

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When he is ready to go to the pot, a child can verbalize it by removing his diaper. At that point, his parents must listen to him and take it away. To facilitate the acquisition of cleanliness, they can regularly offer the pot. When he sees it, the child may want to go over it.

“If the child is in custody mode, it is important that his parents discuss this beforehand with the nanny or childminder. The main thing in toilet training is continuity. When the nanny does it, the parents have to do it too and vice versa “, explains Marine Lhomme, nursery nurse. The specialist reveals her advice to us to help a child go on the potty.

Encourage your child

You can praise your child when he manages to go on the potty. These encouragements will help him to continue in his learning. Another advice from our nursery nurse: show that you also go to the bathroom so that the little one assimilates the action.

Establish rituals

Parents can leave a potty close at hand so the child can go whenever they want. Marine Lhomme advises setting up rituals so that the little one gets used to them well. In particular, you can offer him the potty before going to a nap, bath or bed. It is recommended to stop layers gradually. “During the day, do not hesitate to remove his diaper even if at the beginning there are accidents “, specifies the nursery nurse.

Offer the pot several times during the day

Because of diapers, a child does not always have the reflex to go on the potty. You can therefore remind him to go there several times during the day. “From the age of two, ask him to pee before a walk to avoid unpleasant surprises “, adds Marine Lhomme.

Respect the child’s learning pace

According to the children, the acquisition of cleanliness is more or less long. Forcing a child to use the potty is not recommended. The important thing is to listen to it and to respect the learning time. When the child has an accident, avoid scolding him, as this can block him. He will already be embarrassed to have soiled his clothes and will ask to be changed. After an accident, he may be able to go more easily on the potty.

Stay in regularity

When your child is clean, avoid giving him layers : “It takes regularity. You don’t do three days with diapers and then two days without. It is necessary that the child keeps a rhythm “, specifies Marine Lhomme.

Thanks to Marine Lhomme, pediatric nurse.

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