50 recipe ideas to better live this period

50 recipe ideas to better live this period

Curfew: 50 recipe ideas to better live this period

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Curfew: 50 recipe ideas to better live this period

On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron announced a curfew from 9 p.m. in Île-de-France and in 8 other metropolises. A new restriction that may complicate our outings to restaurants. Without being able to feast outside, we find comfort at home! TV trays, runny cheese-based recipes and chocolate desserts … Quickly discover our recipe kit to help you experience this period better.

CURRENT CUISINE – Quick chocolate fondant

Bet on dripping cheese, the anti-depression ally

Nothing like a good cheese cure to fight against gloom! Melt it, it is even more comforting. It is also a good pretext to launch the season of raclettes and fondues with a little advance!

You have a puff pastry and a Camembert in your fridge? Unroll the dough and wrap the cheese in it. Brush everything with an egg yolk then bake for 40 minutes at 180 ° C. For even more flavors, do not hesitate to slice your Camembert vertically and garnish it with an onion confit or with nuts and a drizzle of honey. A real treat !

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Follow the recipes of the great chefs to eat like at a restaurant

What could be better for morale than the pride of a dish that you have just cooked? And for maximum satisfaction, we tackle the recipes of the great chefs. We take advantage of the mushroom season to discover the soft-boiled eggs with porcini mushrooms and their coffee emulsion imagined by the Béarn chef Yves Camdeborde. It’s the perfect recipe for a light dinner! The three-star chef Frédéric Anton fact, meanwhile, fry his porcini mushrooms with parmesan and fresh herbs. An accompaniment that goes wonderfully with poultry. If you don’t like mushrooms, bet on pumpkin by concocting the soufflé by Michelin-starred Chef Thierry Marx. It is also the high season!

Prepare gourmet meal trays for successful TV evenings

With the curfew, we have the cocooning evenings in front of the TV! To make this moment even more pleasant, we prepare, before taking our place in front of our program, a few small plates to nibble on your own, with your partner or with the family. We favor recipes to eat with the fingers such as pizzas, croque-monsieurs, the chicken drumsticks or the mozzarella fritters. Whether sweet or savory, pop-corn are also a great classic.

Want more lightness? It is quite possible to prepare a healthy TV set without being sad. We then put on vegetable dips to spread on slices of wholemeal bread. To prepare them, nothing could be simpler, you just need to mix spinach leaves or carrots with a creamy base such as Greek yogurt or a mixture of fromage blanc and cream cheese.

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Make chocolate desserts to keep your spirits up

It is well known that chocolate is good for morale! So no question of depriving yourself of it. At the top of the doudous desserts is the chocolate fondant. Cooked on the outside and smooth on the inside, it is even more delicious than the soft which contains more flour and less butter. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the season to incorporate nuts and transform your cake into a delicious brownie. The most greedy can follow the trick of Cyril Lignac and caramelize the nuts beforehand. Be careful, this recipe is ultra addictive!

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