6 accessories for safe riding

6 accessories for safe riding

We do not play around with the prevention of bicycle accidents! We have therefore selected smart and, above all, effective accessories for you.

Accessories for safe cycling

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Accessories for safe cycling

A luminous helmet … to be seen

If it does not replace the yellow vest at night, it allows you to be visible from further away.

WE love The Lumos Matrix with its urban style. It has a 77 LED screen on the back. Result, the luminous part is wide like the palm of a hand! On the front, the helmet also incorporates a strip of 22 white LEDs (279 €). Good to know It is connected to an app and can be fitted with a protection system against multidirectional shocks (option). A new version for less than 100 € will be on presale from January 2021 on bemojoo.com.

And also The BH51 Neo connected headset, from Livall with its SOS button that alerts a loved one (€ 169.99). More affordable, the unconnected models like the all-yellow Torch T2 (€ 139.95) with a screen on the front and back, equipped with four types of brightness (high, fast flash …), or the ‘Hyban 2.0 Ace, from Abus (109.99 €) with 1 LED on the back and a visor on the front.

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A smart mirror … to have an eye everywhere

It allows you to see behind you like that of a car. But be careful, this does not prevent you from turning to avoid blind spots!

WE love The Beam’s Urban Corky. Ultra-discreet with its round mini-mirror 3.2 cm in diameter, it sits on the handlebars. Good to know This retro can be easily attached and removed thanks to its silicone support (27 €). Convenient for self-service bicycles!

And also The Zéfal brand markets the Dooback II (€ 10.99), folding, and the Spy Z56 (€ 19.95) at the end of a rod. Ingenious, the Bar’N bar end by Topeak (€ 39.99) incorporates a retro to deploy and the Strida mirror (€ 49.90) is foldable.

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An airbag … to cushion falls

Like a car airbag, this cushion inflates and deploys in the event of an impact.

WE love The Hövding 3 “helmet”. It fits around the neck and looks like a big waterproof jacket collar with its 800 g of technology. Its weight does not (fortunately) prevent you from turning your head! Sensors monitor head movements two hundred times per second. In the event of a fall, the airbag inflates around the head. Result? At 25 km / h, the risk of head trauma would drop from 80% with a traditional helmet to 2% (approx. € 300). Good to know Once the airbag is triggered, it cannot be used again, unless you subscribe to an annual guarantee of € 29, which allows it to be replaced twice.

And also Helite’s fluorescent yellow B’Safe vest, which swells like a life jacket in the event of a fall (€ 690). Expensive, but it can be used for life (rechargeable by USB).

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Interactive lights … to indicate movements

Reaching out to turn is not always enough, especially at night! Hence the importance of having turn signals on the handlebars and a rear brake light.

WE love The Cosmo Ride. This rectangular screen is placed on the back of the helmet or under the saddle. It connects to the cyclist’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The control box clips onto the handlebars. And on the way! Just press the arrow on the side where you want to turn so that the light, on the helmet or under the saddle, comes on in that direction. Good to know Cosmo Ride also acts as position lights, brake, except on the helmet, and distress (69 €).

And also The Add-One taillight (24.90 €), which attaches to the seat post or a backpack and which also serves as a turn signal. It is connected via Bluetooth to a box on the handlebars (the remote control is powered by batteries to trigger the lights) and is recharged by USB. Not connected but very powerful (200 lumens), the Beryl Burner Brake stop lights (€ 59.99).

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A tonic doorbell … to be heard

Mandatory, the buzzer must be audible at 50 meters.

WE love The Hornit dB140 Horn. It launches a sound between 120 and 140 decibels, according to its need. The oblong case is fixed on the handlebars and works on batteries (24 €). Good to know 120 dB being the threshold for hearing pain, it is better to ring the bell only in case of immediate danger.

And also The compressed air foghorn (115 dB), Air Zound (€ 18.99).

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A mask … to avoid breathing dust, polluting particles and pollens

It hides the nose and mouth, but be careful, its filter, fixed or removable, is not designed to protect from Covid-19 …

WE love The Respro City. This flexible mask, in hypoallergenic neoprene, attaches with Velcro. And, with its two valves to evacuate the humidity produced by breathing, it is comfortable (45 € with a filter). Good to know There are two types of filter: City, whose activated carbon protects against urban pollution, or Sports, electrostatic, which retains dust and pollen. Both are washable. Their lifespan: from four to six months.

And also Washable scarves with integrated HAD Smog Protection filter (35 €) and Faceguard (44.95 €).

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Where to shop

Apart from brand websites, most bicycle safety accessories are sold in brands specializing in mobility and on their web page: Mobility Urban, Altermove, Ecolocomotion … Also ask for advice from urban bicycle dealers.

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