6 tips to change the house without breaking and breaking the easy way

6 tips to change the house without breaking and breaking the easy way

Spending so much time at home made us realize details of our living that previously did not bother or went unnoticed. And that made a lot of people want to change something, either just to give the decor an update or to make the environment more comfortable.

We are living in the moment of caring and valuing our corner, but it is not the time to do work, since we are indoors most of the time. Thinking about it, Duda Santos, architect and influencer ahead of the profile Married House, prepared 6 tips to change your home without breaking, quickly, conveniently and without making a mess! Check out:

1. Vinyl flooring


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Changing the floor of an environment has never been easier. THE vinyl flooring is the famous floor to floor. “Like an adhesive, it is literally placed over the existing one. There is no need to break anything. And there are several finishing options for the vinyl floor, such as wood, rubber or with geometric details ”. explains Duda.

This coating is also very practical: it can get wet, not greenhouse (like a wooden laminate, for example), it is very resistant and does not make a noise when walking on a wooden floor.

But, be careful: for the vinyl floor to be perfect, you need to make sure that the existing one is level so that it can be very straight. But, if that is your problem, it is easy to fix: there are leveling masses on the market that still repair the imperfections of the grouts.

Another care that needs to be taken is with the external areas because the sun can fade the pigment that gives color to the material.


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2. Stickers

There are adhesives that imitate different materials. such as leather, wood, brick and even stainless steel. “They can be placed in an old piece of furniture, which is already more finished, on the doors, on the cabinet doors, on the walls and even on appliances, giving an up to old pieces”, says the architect. These adhesives, in addition to their aesthetic function, protect the joinery and are easy to clean.


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3. Boiserie

As woodwork are those frames placed on the wall. To renew the decoration in a quick and practical way, there are polyurethane models that are sold in kits or in linear meter (you cut to the desired size). They are glued to the wall with specific glue and even the ends of the bars are cut at 45 º to facilitate installation.


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“The golden tip for installing the woodwork is to measure the entire location thoroughly so that the parts are installed with the same spacing between them. Thus, the final result is harmonious and pleasing to the eye ”, teaches Duda.

Another tip: the woodwork they are visual interferences in the wall and, therefore, they can pass the sensation of flatness of the right foot. So, if your environment already has low ceilings, it may be better to rethink the idea.

4. Self-adhesive wood panels

“There are wooden panels that are self-adhesive, believe me? That’s right. Just remove the sticker, paste and your wall is ready! And there are pieces to create a traditional wooden panel with a slatted effect and others with interesting details, such as undulations and different patterns ”, reveals Duda. These pieces also work as acoustic and thermal insulation, typical characteristics of wood. They are also great solutions for creating a headboard in the bedroom.

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5. Colored walls

The fact that we spent so much time at home made many people sick of the traditional white walls and risk bring some color into their homes. The trend of colored walls was a fever on social networks and, who loves decorating themes, you must have seen in some DIY video about it.

Betting on vibrant colors, pastel colors or paintings with geometric details is a great way to change the environment in a quick, practical and economical way, using the power of colors to bring life and energy to the environment.


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6. Application of Textures

Write down this idea if you want to bring a texture that impacts your home. Micro-pebbles are a composition of resins and granules of natural stones. When mixed with special adhesives, they can be applied continuously to floor or wall surfaces


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“Although it is advisable to apply the application with specialized labor, I decided to include this item on our list because it is really a material that brings a great visual change through a quick, practical application without breaking. I think it’s a super idea for a gourmet balcony, since the pebbles pass this mood of external area. Or even for details of environments, such as specific niches ”, says Duda.


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