7 stately Pilzgericht

7 stately Pilzgericht

Mushrooms are in season and can be picked in the forests themselves. So that you can process your mushrooms as tasty as possible, we have collected 7 recipe ideas for you.

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Warms from the inside on cold days and impresses with its creamy taste: mushroom cream soup. Mushrooms are fried here with a little garlic and onions and refined with thyme, oregano and parsley. The whole thing is rounded off with a creamy note. Mhm …

Our Mushroom cream soup convinces with its creamy-spicy taste. Photo: SevenCooks

This dish definitely belongs in the ‘fastest preparation’ category! A hearty snack is on the table in just 10 minutes. Spicy hummus and mild mushrooms complement each other perfectly, plus a bread of your choice – I recommend a nice one farmers bread. Red onion and rosemary add a finishing touch to your fried mushrooms.

When things have to go fast: Hummus and mushroom snack. Photo: SevenCooks

A traditional Spanish tortilla consists of potatoes and eggs. We thought we’d pimp it up with mushrooms, zucchini and onions. Add parsley and your simple mushroom dish is ready.

Spanish classic with a local, seasonal twist: Zucchini mushroom tortilla. Photo: SevenCooks

You can prepare this recipe in a group, cooking together is even more fun. Wholly vegan and filled with fine mushrooms, the Maultaschen are a pleasure. You can season it with parsley, chives, marjoram and a little chopped walnuts. Enojy your meal!

The Swabian palate is delighted: Vegan mushroom dumplings. Photo: SevenCooks

Mashed potatos are a dish that totally reminds me of my childhood when grandma always had mashed potatoes. Together with the mushroom ragout, it becomes a seasonal meal that is guaranteed to fill you up. Get pleasure too? Then let’s get on the stove.

Not just for kids: Mashed Potatoes mit Pilzragout. Photo: SevenCooks

My favorite food on the market is fried mushrooms with a delicious herb or garlic dip. You can also easily prepare them yourself at home. To do this, fry small mushrooms and season them with thyme, garlic and parsley. A creamy dip made from crème fraîche, yogurt and lemon juice goes well with it.

Taste like on the market: Mushrooms with garlic dip. Photo: SevenCooks

Our portobello burger comes filled with fine beetroot, lamb’s lettuce, shallots and an almond mayo. But the star is of course the marinated portobello mushroom, which serves as a patty and is a natural meat substitute. You should definitely try that out.

Great for grilling or as party food: Portobello-Burger. Photo: SevenCooks

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