8,804 infected and 83 dead in the last 24 hours

8,804 infected and 83 dead in the last 24 hours

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New surge in coronavirus infections in Italy: the Ministry of Health has announced that in the last 24 hours there have been 8,804 new infections (yesterday they were 7,332) and 83 victims, compared to 43 yesterday. Intensive care patients are also growing: 586, 47 more than yesterday. New record of tampons reaching about 163 thousand. The deaths with Covid-19 to date are 36,372.


The daily data of infections in South Tyrol remains high. 98 new cases were registered in the provincial health care laboratories in the last 24 hours out of 1,743 swabs examined. Out of 102,467 people who have been tested since the beginning of the emergency – almost a fifth of the South Tyrolean population – to have tested positive for the coronavirus are 4,365. The number of Covid patients admitted to normal hospital wards remains stable at 60. There are three patients who need intensive care treatment. There are 33 positive Covid-19 patients in isolation at the dedicated facility in Colle Isarco. The number of deaths remains unchanged, 293. The number of people in home isolation is increasing to 3,490 today, or 400 more than yesterday. The people healed are 2,879.


Six hundred new infections and 7 deaths. These are the data relating to the coronavirus emergency of the last 24 hours in Veneto. To say it is the daily bulletin of the Veneto Region. Almost 13,000 home isolations (12,972 to be precise).


Absolute maximum of positive cases of coronavirus ascertained in Umbria in a single day, 263, 87% more than yesterday’s data according to the Region’s website, for a total of 4,012 since the beginning of the pandemic. However, 12 hospitalized patients remain stable, while overall Covid patients in hospitals go from 83 to 86. The number of confirmed recovered patients is also high, 69, 2,099 total, while 91 deceased remain. The currently positives reach 1,822.


In Tuscany there are 20,262 cases of coronavirus positivity, 581 more than yesterday (509 identified in the course of tracing and 72 from screening activities). New cases are 3% more than the previous day’s total. The median age of 581 cases today is about 44 years (16% are under 20, 27% between 20 and 39, 30% between 40 and 59, 20% between 60 and 79, 7% are 80 or older). The healed grew by 0.9% and reached 11,171 (55.1% of total cases). The swabs performed reached 878,817, 11,146 more than yesterday. 7,879 subjects tested (excluding control swabs), of which 7.4% were positive. The currently positive are 7,906 today, + 6.4% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 322 (47 more than yesterday), of which 46 in intensive care (stable). Today there are 2 new deaths: 2 women, with an average age of 82, 1 in Florence, 1 in Pisa.


In the last 24 hours, 140 coronavirus positives have been detected in the Marche after the 166 found yesterday, numbers similar to those recorded between the end of March and the beginning of April. This was announced by the Health Service of the Marche Region. On the last day, 2,674 swabs were tested (1,451 in the new diagnosis path and 1,223 in the healed path). Of the new positives 42 are in the province of Ancona, 32 in that of Fermo, 25 in the province of Macerata, 23 in the province of Ascoli Piceno, 18 in Pesaro Urbino.


Yesterday in Basilicata 48 new cases of coronavirus were recorded out of 986 swabs analyzed: for a small region, this is a real leap. Of these 48 infections – according to what was disclosed by the regional task force – eleven concern people from Puglia who took the test in the province of Matera. Currently, 438 people resident in Basilicata are positive and 36 are those hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera (none in intensive care). Since the start of the health emergency in Basilicata, 37 people have died from the coronavirus, 459 have recovered and 85,435 swabs have been examined, 84,238 of which tested negative.


Seventy-seven new cases of coronavirus ascertained in the last hours in Abruzzo. They emerged from the analysis of 2,278 swabs. Of the total, 39 new cases refer to L’Aquila, 16 to Chietino, 13 to Teramo and seven to Pescarese, while two are undergoing investigations on the residence. The currently positives rise to 1,417. The number of hospitalized patients is increasing: seven more in the last hours, for a total of 124, of which 8 in intensive care (+1). Today’s positives are between the ages of 4 and 86.


“In Calabria to date, 228,529 subjects have been subjected to tests for a total of 230,635 swabs performed (more tests can be carried out on the same subject). 2,487 people tested positive for Coronavirus (+39 compared to yesterday), negative ones 226,042” . It can be read in the bulletin of the Calabria Region, which records 859 cases currently active (yesterday there were 846). Then the bulletin highlights: “The inpatients of the Out-of-Region setting and migrants have been included in the columns of the respective wards; a total of 16 hospitalizations at the Catanzaro Hospital of which 5 refer to non-resident people and 2 in therapy intensive, 12 hospitalized at the AO of Cosenza; of these three are non-residents, the patient discharged in Cosenza was included among the healed of the setting outside the region. The hospitalizations of the AO of Reggio Calabria are 23 and 1 in therapy The total number of Catanzaro cases includes subjects from other provincial structures who have been discharged over time. The cases confirmed today are divided as follows: Cosenza 16, Catanzaro 1, Crotone 0, Vibo Valentia 0, Reggio Calabria 22 “. Since the last survey, concludes the bulletin, “the people who registered on the portal of the Calabria Region to communicate their presence on the regional territory are in total 880. The count also includes the two patients from Bergamo transferred to Catanzaro, while not the numbers of the infection received after the communication of the data to the Civil Protection are included “.


In Puglia today, 257 positive (yesterday there were 315) Covid-19 tests were recorded out of 5346 tests (against 5,844 yesterday) for coronavirus infection: 144 in the province of Bari, 12 in the province of Brindisi, 27 in the province BAT, 25 in the province of Foggia, 8 in the province of Lecce, 40 in the province of Taranto, 1 resident outside the region. 7 deaths were recorded (compared to two yesterday): 4 in the province of Bari and 3 in the province of Foggia.


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