“A change is needed in the EU, there is no progress”


Boris Johnson revolts under the pressure and leaves Brexit in the air:

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Boris Johnson revolts under the pressure and leaves Brexit in the air:

Boris Johnson shuffles but does not leave the table for the moment. If on Thursday night the 27 pressed the British Prime Minister from Brussels to finish Brexit with the future relationship agreement as of January 1, on Friday Johnson has been forceful: “If the EU does not change, it is not possible to agreement. We are ready for the no agreement. ”

The British prime minister has assured this Friday that “the EU is not willing to give the United Kingdom an agreement in the style of Canada”, and that it will only listen to the 27 if they show “a fundamental change of opinion”, although it has been skeptical about it.

“Now is the time for our companies to prepare. And we are ready to discuss the practicalities, “said Johnson, who has accused the EU of not negotiating” properly in recent months “.

“They want control of our laws in a way that would be unacceptable to a sovereign state.” And the talks? “As far as I can see, they have abandoned the idea of ​​a free trade agreement. There doesn’t seem to be any progress.”

This Thursday, the chief negotiator of the EU, Michel Barnier, announced his willingness to continue the negotiations next week in London and, the following week, in Brussels.

The leaders, who discussed Brexit on Thursday without tablets and phones to ensure privacy during the meeting, “reaffirm their determination to have as close relations as possible with the UK.”

The United Kingdom has left the EU on January 31, 2020 and as of January 1, 2021, relations must be governed by a future, commercial relationship agreement, which is being negotiated without success, for now.

The three main elements of contention, for the 27, are fishing, level playing field –Equality of opportunities– and the dispute resolution mechanism. “Among the leaders, solidarity and unity prevail”, diplomatic sources explain: “The 27 are prepared to negotiate and have a clear preference for an agreement, but the EU will remain united in the matters that separate them from London while they demand the Commission European to prepare for a no-deal. ”


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