A cold northern beach becomes a mecca for Danish surfers

A cold northern beach becomes a mecca for Danish surfers

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Milan, Oct 16 (askanews) – Near the village of Klitm ller, no Hawaiian palm trees, no heat but a melancholy coastline and colorful waves from the growing number of surfboards. It is one of the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic. Surfers from Denmark and neighboring countries used to travel the world, but now that they cannot go anywhere, they have stormed the beach, which recently emerged on the map of the world surfing. Klitm ller, with its 1,022 inhabitants, is an unlikely destination for surfers, due to its geographical position but also due to the lack of a tradition of board sports. Fishing village like many on the Jutland coast, initially frequented mainly by windsurfers, it has welcomed surfers since the 90s, initially very sporadically and with skepticism. Surfing is now an integral part of the local culture and has even entered school hours, with students trying to tame the waves. Here is the “Cold Hawaii Surf Camp”, a surf school that employs 15 instructors during the summer months and continues lessons every day in the low season.


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