A court denies protection to Juan Collado in the Caja Libertad case; will remain in Reclusorio Norte

 A court denies protection to Juan Collado in the Caja Libertad case; will remain in Reclusorio Norte

He Fifth Collegiate Criminal Court in the Mexico Citydenied he protection against process linkage of the lawyer Juan Collado, interned in the North Prison for the crimes of organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin in the case of Freedom Box.


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According to the national media report, Judge Francisco Javier Arcovedo Montero’s draft judgment was approved unanimously, for which Collado and his co-defendants were denied protection, since there is minimal evidence to presume the commission of crimes.

José Antonio Rico Rico, former president of the Board of Directors of the financial company, and his compadre José Antonio Vargas Hernández, are prosecuted for the same criminal case.

Collado has three criminal proceedings against him. He was placed in informal preventive detention for the crime of organized crime.

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The lawyer was apprehended by the FGR on July 9, 2019 in a restaurant in Mexico City. A day later, Federal Judge Jesús Eduardo Vázquez Rea determined his involvement in the process.

The investigations of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) indicate that Collado, Rico and Vargas allegedly simulated the purchase of the Caja Libertad headquarters building in the state of Querétaro on March 15, 2015, for 156 million pesos.

According to the FGR, Rico had 50 percent of the shares of the real estate agency involved in the operation. In addition, the money was transferred to companies possibly related to Rico and to a Collado account.

In 2015, Collado was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Caja Libertad. In that year, Operadora de Inmuebles del Centro transferred 24 million pesos to him.


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