A gloomy and cool weather this Wednesday

A gloomy and cool weather this Wednesday

The weather will be particularly gray and gloomy this Wednesday. The rain settles on the country.

The weather for October 14

The weather for October 14

The weather this Wednesday will be disturbed and cool, the sky remaining overcast in the South-West with frequent showers accompanied by thunderstorms, according to Météo-France forecasts.

Snow on the massifs

On the Pyrenees, the snow will first fall around 1400 m then the falls will drop to 1200 m. From the Massif Central to the Alps, the weather will be gloomy with some showers and snow on the massifs, from 1100/1200 m on the Auvergne and 1400 m on the Alps.

Video: Melting snow and ice (AFP)

Melting snow and ice



Further north, from the Pays de Loire to Alsace, the day will begin under the clouds but clearings will manage to develop in the afternoon. Rare showers could fall. They will be more numerous on the Channel coast in the evening.

Rain in the South

In the South-East, the weather will be rainy in the morning around the Gulf of Lion then the sky will hesitate between clouds and sun. On Corsica, rains will set in permanently to become sustained at the end of the day.

The minimum will be between 0 and 4 degrees in Auvergne, 2 to 6 degrees on the northern half, 6 to 10 degrees in the south, up to 10 to 13 degrees in the South-East. The highs will be down with no more than 11 to 14 degrees over the country, 17 to 20 degrees in the Southeast.

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