“A good Brazilian does not join foreign organizations”, says Heleno


General Augusto Heleno, chief minister of the GSI (Institutional Security Office), made a post on his Twitter profile in which he discusses the meaning of being 1 “Good Brazilian”.

Minister Augusto Heleno (GSI) spoke again about Abin's activity at COP-25 (United Nations Climate Conference)

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Minister Augusto Heleno (GSI) spoke again about Abin’s activity at COP-25 (United Nations Climate Conference)

The text was published this Sunday (October 18, 2020), after the military officer admitted, also through the social network, that the Abin (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) monitored participants of COP-25 (United Nations Climate Summit), held in Madrid in December 2019. The information was revealed by the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

The news reveals that the Bolsonaro government monitored non-governmental organizations, members of the Brazilian delegation and representatives of foreign delegations. The government sent a team of 4 names experienced in intelligence to the Brazilian delegation sent to Madrid.

At the time, Heleno defended the agency and stated that strategic themes must be followed by qualified civil servants, especially when they involve sordid and lying international campaigns, supported by bad Brazilians, with the objective of harming Brazil ”.

This time, the minister then spoke about the “Good brazilian” saying that his countrymen do not join foreign organizations, with interests explicitly contrary [aos do Brasil] and whose objectives are to intervene in Brazilian internal affairs ”. He said that such unspecified groups would act “To make huge economic gains and disqualify [o país] internationally”.

Citing the Amazon, the general also said that It’s up to us [os brasileiros] explore it, in a sustainable way, for the good of our people ”. Finally, the head of the GSI said that good Brazilians ” are proud of previous generations.


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