A little too long or trendy? The new jeans are now worn like that!

 A little too long or trendy? The new jeans are now worn like that!

Fashion trend: oversized jeans in fall 2020 Getty Images

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Fashion trend: oversized jeans in fall 2020 Getty Images

  • Jeans will be extra long in autumn 2020
  • They are based on straight legs and bootcut cuts
  • This fashion trend has the potential to establish itself as a classic

In fashion, oversize is one of the style favorites. You always like it far, far away from your body oversized. Even with the new jeans trends. Here, however, we are not only talking about a loose cut, but above all the excess length, which seems deliberately too big. Because in autumn 2020 a pair of jeans can go far beyond the leg.

Of course, one of this fashion trends poses challenges in styling: So one wonders how these are too long Jeans looks stylish and not misshapen? The answer is as clear as it is plausible: thanks to high ankle boots, proportional work with the tops and the right jeans model, this trend is not only fashionable, but also flattering for the figure.

A different kind of fashion trend: these jeans will become the next classic!

Even if the excess length seems strange at first, it is definitely worth it in autumn: it takes the supporting role of jeans and instead puts them in the foreground. And that actually comes in handy: This year you have the feeling of keeping your style as simple as possible, of doing without the big chichi and instead placing particular emphasis on comfortable cuts and timeless looks.

No sooner said than done: The extra-long jeans await us in autumn as one Fashion trendthat is stylish and special on the one hand, but can definitely last for several seasons on the other. It is based on the silhouette of a straight leg or bootcut jeans and therefore always has classic potential. You are also happy to pay attention to a high waist to emphasize the center of the body and a loose fit for the right comfort.

Now let’s be honest: Is this jeans now? Trend or Trash?

The answer is clear: oversized jeans are definitely a trend in autumn! On the one hand, they ensure a feminine silhouette and create a countermovement to conventional cuts. For the getting used to it, the styling is the only decisive factor: in order to get to grips with the new length of the jeans, you leave the flat shoes in the closet and instead use loafer pumps or ankle boots, which not only look good on your legs but also on your entire body stretch.

Who now has a t-shirt and a shecket, a blouse and a patterned one Blazer or throw an XXL knitted sweater over your jeans and tuck it into the front of the waistband, you are properly dressed for the new season. In just a few weeks, no one is guaranteed to question this jeans trend, I promise …


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