“A new blow for many entrepreneurs”, reacts Unizo


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The new government measures to fight against the coronavirus are “particularly hard to take”, reacted Friday evening the Flemish employers’ organization Unizo. “We have advocated in all tones a stricter application of existing measures, rather than introducing even stricter measures. But the consultation committee has clearly decided otherwise”, deplores its boss Danny Van Assche.

“Our thoughts now go in particular to the hotel and catering sector, which must once again close its doors, and to the events, fairs and exhibitions sector, which has also been particularly affected and which must again come to a standstill, even though it had only restarted at a fraction of its capacity. And this, without tangible proof that these sectors would be the engine of this new wave of coronavirus “, points out Unizo.

For Flemish bosses, it is now clear that the virus will hold society, the economy and entrepreneurs hostage for some time to come. “There can be no real recovery as long as each easing is followed by a strengthening of measures,” said Dany Van Assche.

For Unizo, therefore, it is very important that both the federal and Flemish governments provide a solid set of support measures.


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