A platform that powers companies’ online businesses received US $ 30 million

A platform that powers companies' online businesses received US $ 30 million


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This year, panderma caused many companies to cling to the e-commerce channel to sustain their businesses. It was then that numerous SMEs and entrepreneurs managed to multiply their sales through Tendube, a local platform created in 2010 by five young graduates of ITBA and UBA. The firm is in charge of looking for user behavior to boost the business of brands on the web and now, it has just received a new injection of funds for US $ 30 million.

In this case, the investment round was co-led by Qualcomm Ventures and Kaszek Ventures, with the participation of FJ Labs, IGNIA, Elevar Equity and the new investor Kevin Efrusy, who is a member emeritus of Accel Partners and is making a personal investment.

Currently, Tíanube works with more than 60,000 brands throughout the Latin American region. His mentors say that “it is a management point that goes beyond an online store: it integrates products, payments and shipments with different sales channels.” The solution allows to accompany the brands in each stage and growth of their business.

Tendenube, the platform that promotes SME business on the web

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Trendaube, the platform that promotes SME business on the web

Santiago Sosa, CEO and co-founder of the platform explains that “launching and growing a business is a challenge for SMEs anywhere in the world, and the context of Latin America generally makes it more challenging.” “We have understood the weak points at the local level and we developed a platform that levels the playing field. With our help, SMEs can access world-class leading-edge technologies and economies of scale that retailers could only dream of, “he adds and sums up:” Our purpose is to reduce the barriers to entrepreneurship to zero, “he says.

From the vision of Alexandre Villela, Senior Director of Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and Executive Director of Qualcomm Ventures Latin America, “the Trendaube platform accelerates the digital transformation of companies and has allowed thousands of SMEs in Latin America to digitize, taking advantage of complementary and perfectly integrated solutions in a single channel ”he says. And it provides categorical data: “in 10 years, the company has become the essential backbone for trade in the region, growing + 500% year after year,” he argued.

Today, Tíanube has more than 250 professionals working in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. And it is in the process of expansion, sequentially launching operations in Colombia, Chile and Peru during 2021.

The expansion plan is motivated by the company’s vision of the future of e-commerce. “People are talking about ecommerce penetration going from 10% of total retail sales to 20%, as has happened in other countries. We see it differently, since we envision a massive disruption in commerce in the next 15 years, and we are confident that 90% of retail will be mediated in some way by technology. We will play an important role in the development of the infrastructure for that to happen ”, adds Sosa. Latin America has a great opportunity for the development of a solid ecosystem based on its tens of millions of SMEs involved in a retail market that moves more than US $ 1 billion.


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