A red and an unmarked penalty at the start of the World Cup qualifiers

A red and an unmarked penalty at the start of the World Cup qualifiers

Nestor Pitana, one of Conmebol's most controversial referees.

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Nestor Pitana, one of Conmebol’s most controversial referees.

This week, the Conmebol teams started the World Cup dream with the start of the tie that grants 4 direct tickets and one to reclassification for the World Cup. Qatar 2022. Two of these games gave a lot to talk about, but not because of the footballing level but because of gross referee errors that could have changed the course of the matches.

In the match between Uruguay Y Chile, the central referee Eber Aquino did not mark a clear hand of the Uruguayan defender Sebastián Coates, which would have given the Chilean team a penalty just 5 minutes after the end of the match.


After the omission of the clear maximum penalty, in compensation time Maximiliano Gomez He took a powerful shot from outside the area that was impossible to stop, thus sealing Uruguay’s 2-1 victory.


On the other hand, in the match between Paraguay Y Peru, the always controversial referee Nestor Pitana, sanctioned with a yellow card a brutal elbow from the Peruvian Carlos Zambrano to the face of Miguel Almiron, on a foul that was strong enough to cause the player to be sent off.


The controversy increased when Pitana went to the VAR to review the play and despite seeing it again in great detail, he did not change his decision and spared the Peruvian player’s life. The match ended tied at two goals.

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