a Renault with a vision of the future

a Renault with a vision of the future

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The French brand unveils the Mégane eVision, a new concept of electric mobility that will reach production in 2021.

Name Megan means a lot to RenaultIt is a successful model that has been present in various markets over several years. Now the house of the rhombus unveils eVision, a project which takes it as a basis for future electric mobility.

Its starting point is the CMF-EV platform, designed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance for the electrical products to come.

In addition and according to the company, the Mégane eVision It features the thinnest batteries on the market and an ultra-compact powertrain that offers more space.

Sure, the designers were inspired by the current model but have given it a more futuristic look with features muscular toasted by the hood and doors.

It is made up of a length of 4.21 meters, a width of 1.80 and a height of 1.51 that pigeonhole it as a C segment model. Its 2.70 meter wheelbase allows a more comfortable environment.

The front with slim headlights and the light bars spread across the width and towards the lower area stand out.

In the posterior area, the Mégane eVision respect that setup with a short hatchback and bulky bumper.

On the mechanical side adds a electric motor housed in the front axle of 160 kW equivalent to about 217 horsepower.

Also part is the 60 kWh battery that allows you to reach 100 km / h in less than 8 seconds.

He Renault eVision seeks to reinvent the already classic Megan for what will come with zero-emission mobility and the latest technologies.

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