a resident will be tried for “violence” on an ex-girlfriend

a resident will be tried for

The judgment of the actor, who has also lodged a complaint against his ex-girlfriend for “harassment” and who is thinking of “taking legal action for slanderous denunciation”, will be held before the Paris Criminal Court on December 1.

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A resident of the Comédie-Française will be tried on December 1 for “spousal violence” and “death threats”, following accusations of an ex-girlfriend, AFP learned Friday, October 9 from the Paris prosecutor’s office. Facts he disputes. Sure on the Facebook page and in a series of tweets, Marie Coquille-Chambel, who hosts a YouTube channel on the theater, claimed on June 29 to have lodged a complaint after denouncing the actor’s behavior without citing his name. “I believe that omerta is no longer possible in the theater and I refuse that another can suffer such violence”, had indicated the actress.

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When the affair was raised in the press, the Comédie-Française said “deeply shocked” by these facts and had asserted that she would take “all the necessary measures”. After this complaint, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation in early July for “willful violence by ex-spouse or ex-partner”. It finally resulted in the judgment of actor Nâzim Boudjenah which will be held on December 1 before the Paris Criminal Court.

Lawyer Florence Bourg told AFP that her client “approached this audience with great serenity”. “He will finally be able to express himself, after months of false denunciation on social networks, on these accusations which have had serious professional and personal repercussions”, she added. For her, “this is an exemplary case of the destruction of the career of a respected and respectable actor”, resident of the “French” since 2010, and who notably played under the orders of Patrice Chéreau, Olivier Py, Isabelle Nanty or Denis Podalydès. Nâzim Boudjenah has, according to his advice, already filed a complaint against Marie Coquille-Chambel for “bullying” and “will take legal action for a slanderous denunciation”.

“I am aware of the new threats, legal this time, against my client (…). This actor will no longer silence (her)”, reacted with AFP the lawyer of the actress, Agnès Tricoire. “The omerta on violence against women in the theater industry must end”, she adds, seeing in her client “An example of courage for all young women who are abused, abused, humiliated, and silenced for fear their careers will be shattered.”

She also claims that her client filed a new complaint against this actor on September 2, this time for rape, for facts that allegedly occurred “during confinement”. “My client completely and firmly refutes these new shameful accusations. The escalation of slander has no limits. We are confident: this false escalation will not abuse justice”, replied the lawyer of the comedian. Joined by AFP, the Comédie-Française had not reacted at the end of the afternoon.


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