A single allowance arrives for children, even for the self-employed

A single allowance arrives for children, even for the self-employed

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A single contribution for the children, which will be aimed at everyone, including self-employed and incapacitated workers (those who earn so little that they do not benefit from tax relief). From mid-next year 2021, the new universal instrument, without income limits, to support the birth rate and the family will become operational, as the government established with the Budget law just approved last night. The resources to extend the new tool to everyone, based on the economic conditions of households,

they amount to approximately 3 billion euros and just under 6 when fully operational, which will be added to the reorganization of funds currently allocated to families, from various bonuses to deductions for dependent children.

The new check will mark a small revolution in the approach that the taxman will have with families and will start from July 2021: at the moment the start is still awaited

free of the Senate to the draft law that introduces it, already approved unanimously by the House in July. The Labor Commission is examining it with the declared intention of the rapporteur Mario Laus to approve it “quickly” and “without changes”,

in order to arrive at a final vote. The goal would be to give the go-ahead from Parliament by November, so that the Ministry of the Family, which is already at work, can prepare the implementing decrees in the first months of the new year. In fact, the delegated decrees will set the details of the allowance, which will in any case be parameterized to the ISEE (we work on an average contribution of 200 euros per child) and must take into account, as indicated in the delegation, the presence of disabled people in the family unit but also at the age of mothers, strengthening the contribution in the case of new mothers under 21 years of age. According to the principles established in the delegation, the new allowance will also go to regular foreigners residing and paying taxes in Italy.

It will be a monthly contribution, in the form of a deduction or direct payment of money, precisely to overcome the problem of the incompetent, strengthened starting from the third child to

take into account large families: the allowance will be paid from the seventh month of pregnancy until the age of majority. You can continue up to the age of 21, with the possibility of paying the contribution directly to the children, provided that the adult child is still studying, either within a low-income job placement path or

enrolled in unemployment lists and in active job search. In order to guarantee the diffusion of the new instrument, the obligation for the registrar of

inform new parents. The allowance will be shared equally among the parents and will absorb the current aid to the family: the 434 million (approximately 1 billion in subsequent years) of the “Universal allowance fund and family services”, the allowance for families with

at least three minor children, the baby bonus (between 80 and 160 euros per month for the first 12 months of life), the birth bonus of 800 euros, the personal income tax deductions for dependent children (which are worth about 8

billions), the allowance for the family unit (reserved for employees) and the guarantee fund to support the birth rate. The new allowance will not affect requests for other subsidized social benefits for children with disabilities and will be usable both together with the Citizenship Income and with the various aids for children provided by Regions, Provinces and Municipalities.


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