A Spanish company creates garments to protect pets from ticks


Image of a pet with one of the garments.

© StingBye
Image of a pet with one of the garments.

The pandemic has caused the population to seek more activities to do outdoors, in natural spaces, instead of in closed areas where the coronavirus it expands more easily.

This has caused ticks are a threat for those families who come to these areas with their pets.

These small parasites can reach produce disease, feeding on the blood of their victims.

We humans can protect ourselves by wearing long pants and appropriate clothing, however pets have no way of doing it.

That is why the StingBye company has created specific garments for pets that avoid the bites of all kinds of parasites, such as ticks, fleas or mosquitoes.

Thanks to the permethrin that bathes the garments, effectiveness is 94% and its resistance is up to 100 washes.


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