“A tour in the capital, but the League does not change groups”


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Matteo Salvini launches a European offensive. “I will make a tour in the European capitals” announces the secretary of the League at the end of the meeting with the 27 MEPs of the Northern League coordinated by the Foreign Affairs Manager Giancarlo Giorgetti. But, compared to the rumors of an approach to the European People’s Party denies: “No group changes are planned in Brussels.” And on the domestic front he adds: “We have decided weekly that there will be collaboration between our mayors, our governors and our MEPs, who do many things.”

“We will meet government forces”

There was expectation for the meeting with the parliamentary delegation, a few days away from the interview with Corriere in which the Northern League leader announced that he wanted to launch a «liberal revolution», Starting or relaunching dialogue with the European chancelleries. «We will begin, me and Giancarlo Giorgetti as foreign manager of the League, a tour of the European capitals – explains Salvini – to create and strengthen relationships. Changes of shirts are not on the agenda. We look to the USA, the West and Israel and to have good relations with everyone, but we do not change shirts according to convenience. We are a government force so we will also meet government forces, in our group we have them ».

“Europe is changing thanks to us”

Salvini, in order to argue the choice of a less harsh position, is credited with having contributed to change Europe. “We acknowledge that Europe is changing the way we wanted, the European Central Bank is finally doing what we asked for. The Recovery Fund is completely different from the logic of My. Thanks to the pressure of the sovereignists. Europe is slowly changing, we follow the evolution and proudly remain what we are ». In line with the secretary the explanation of Giorgetti: «The world changes, and so do we. There is an environmental sensitivity that was not there years ago. We were about to exit the Euro but, now that we are inside, getting out is complicated. We have to do national interests in Europe ».


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