Actress Mena Suvari confirmed that she is pregnant

Actress Mena Suvari confirmed that she is pregnant

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The actress Mena suvari confirmed that she is expecting her first child with her esposo Michael Hope.

“It was very emotional to find out, I still can’t believe it!” He said the protagonist of American Beauty in an interview for People.

Then, he recounted his “obsession” for this moment to come. “It was an emotional roller coaster with a fair amount of disappointment. I recorded my temperature every morning and urinated on ovulation sticks. You expect it to happen and it didn’t. I got overwhelmed, “he said.

Also, the blonde made the official announcement through her social networks. “The greatest and most precious gift has come to us. Through all the trauma, through all the struggle, through all the doubts, our little angel has chosen us. I will never have enough words to describe my love for this beautiful soul that comes into our lives, but I will never stop trying to give her the best life possible. You are everything I have ever wanted and the most important thing that will ever matter. We love you, “he said next to a postcard of his belly.



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