Adabel Guerrero shared her experience with swabbing

Adabel Guerrero shared her experience with swabbing

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As it happened with many figures in the middle, Adabel Guerrero He began to feel poorly health and to rule out the possibility of having contracted coronavirus, he swabbed at 988 Cochabamba Street from his vehicle, without getting off, and parked between two cones.

“This was the swab that I did yesterday for prevention since there was a close case in La Flia. To give everyone peace of mind, I show the negative result “not detectable” and share the experience so that those who have to do it can know what the procedure is like, “the artist began writing at the bottom of the post, in which she was shown with a video when she was operated on by nose and mouth to perform the test.

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“I never got out of the car, I parked between two cones. They came out super equipped and after taking the data they proceeded to take the sample. This is done in Cochabamba 988. Tomorrow I will return to The Singing Preview since today I do not feel good stomach. For days I have a very great discomfort that, since I already rule out COVID“, he concluded with his statement, to bring peace of mind to the people and the environment in which he works.

The dancer It quickly received thousands of supportive comments and I like it for having shared with all its followers both the video of the moment in which they took the test, as well as the subsequent results, where it tested negative. “I have more panic about swabbing than covid,” commented one user, given the gagging, irritation in the tear ducts and Adabel’s discomfort from doing the swab, which, as many say, is not a very pleasant experience.

“Plis, how invasive is that? Isn’t there another method?” Marcelo Iripino, while other followers limited to the foot: “” Good luck for you and yours “,” oh please I suffered with you “,” it gave me chills to see this I hope I do not have to do it “,” Is not enough with the saliva? “,” eu seems a lot to me “.



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