Adebayo Akinfenwa ‘the strongest footballer in the world’, is very close to reaching WWE

Adebayo Akinfenwa 'the strongest footballer in the world', is very close to reaching WWE

Adebayo Akinfenwa.

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Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Unlike other disciplines, soccer does not require its players to have an impressive physique surrounded by muscles, however, there are players like Adebayo Akinfenwa who dedicate many hours to the gym and have an imposing physique.

Thanks to his spectacular complexion, Akinfenwa is considered the strongest footballer in the world and this is reflected in his FIFA 21 card where he boasts an incredible 97 strength. At 38, Akinfenwa’s retirement is looking closer and closer, but the footballer already has his plan for when he hangs up his boots: to be a fighter of WWE.

In interview for talkSPORT, the EFL player revealed that he has already had approaches with Vince McMahon for a possible future in WWE and wishes to participate in the Royal Rumble: “I have received a couple of calls recently regarding that. I’ll be following up on it soon so it could go up or down based on the result. I can’t tell you a direct percentage, but it’s something that I really love ”.

As if this were not enough, Adebayo published a video this Friday in which he says he is ready to be eligible for WWE.

Will we see the player in the ring in the future? All to indicate yes.

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