Aerolineas Argentinas blames Tierra del Fuego

Aerolineas Argentinas blames Tierra del Fuego

Society - Cabotage flights from Ezeiza Airport returned only for essential personnel. Covid19 coronavirus quarantine 10-15-2020 Photo: FernandodelaOrden FTP CLARIN _FER4778.jpg Z DelaOrden

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Society – Cabotage flights from Ezeiza Airport returned only for essential personnel. Covid19 coronavirus quarantine 10-15-2020 Photo: FernandodelaOrden FTP CLARIN _FER4778.jpg Z DelaOrden

A woman safely embarks in Ezeiza to Tierra del Fuego. Upon landing, the epidemiological alarm goes off at the End of the World. Just with the fresh news of the return of domestic flights for essentials – they detect that she traveled with Covid positive certificate. Also, that he had no domicile in the south. And that I was not an essential worker. After seven months of a local coronavirus pandemic and all its restrictions, who let her get on the plane?

From Aerolineas Argentinas they told Clarion that in Buenos Aires all controls were complied with and that the control failure was by the employees of the House of Tierra del Fuego, In charge of checking the certificates of the passengers at check in.

“It is a provincial measure. The provinces ensure that what they determine for entry into their jurisdictions is complied with. We do not have police power. In fact, we can prove that they were warned about that passenger that she had no domicile in the province to which he was traveling and, even so, they allowed him to get on the plane“They clarify from the flag line and affirm that they do not know the reasons that allowed them to reach their destination.

Just over a month and a half ago, Tierra del Fuego required a negative certificate of the virus with up to 72 hours old, or antibody test, and address in the province.

“The control of the negative PCR certificate for entry to Tierra del Fuego was always in the head of the provincial personnel. From the moment that requirement was established, through a provincial resolution, it was staff from the province who were present at the airport to control, prior to the check in process, that passengers have the corresponding certificate. In this way, the controls were carried out on the day of the date with provincial personnel in the terminal of the Ezeiza International Airport, “they pointed out from Airlines.

The Fuegian government, which made the mistake made by Aerolineas, not its officials, did not respond to Clarion. This newspaper tried to communicate with the Minister of Health, Judith Di Giglio, but there was no response.

The passenger who unleashed what could be an “epidemiological scandal” upon arriving at the Malvinas Argentinas International Airport, in Ushuaia, lied in the sworn statement to the do not report your positive certificate.

As he could know ClarionHugo Romero is the head of the operation that the government of Tierra del Fuego deployed in Ezeiza to carry out these controls. And Romero received the call from Airlines to give the explanations of the case. The doubt, beyond who did it, remains for what they let her board. The rumor is that “they did not misread the certificate”, and they gave it as “not detectable” instead of “detectable”, but, directly, they didn’t ask for it at check in.

What responsibility does Aerolineas have for the passengers who traveled with the woman who carried her positive Covid certificate at the time of the flight? “Each one is being called from the Ministry of Health of that province. The company provided the data of the passengers of the neighboring seats. As the protocol indicates. “The mandatory isolation for them is 14 days.

It is worth remembering that the special cabotage flights carried out by the flag company since the beginning of the pandemic are requested by the governments and authorized by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) and carried out by Aerolineas Argentinas. All within the framework of the protocols designed based on the recommendations of IATA (International Air Transport Association), ACI (Airport Council International), WHO (World Health Organization) and the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Tierra del Fuego, being an island, was one of the provinces that required the most special flights during isolation so far, with the aim of not losing connectivity with the rest of the country.



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