After almost seven months, the Toy Museum of BH reopens on Children’s Day

After almost seven months, the Toy Museum of BH reopens on Children's Day

A return in record time to serve the main customer. This can explain the resumption, on Monday (12), of the activities of the Museu dos Brinquedos, located on Avenida Afonso Pena, at Funcionários, in the Center-South Region of Belo Horizonte. THE resumed happened on Children’s Day, just 48 hours after the city ​​hall decree that liberated the functioning of the establishments that keep our memories.

And there are memories. In case of Toy Museum, the visitor, in addition to expanding knowledge on the subject, has guaranteed a plunge into the world of fun experienced in childhood. And, as a gift, you can exchange affections with the little ones, be they grandchildren, nephews or children.

On Monday afternoon, José Nélio Januário, 66, took the day off to take his granddaughters Elisa, 7, and Helena, 5, to the Toy Museum. It was one of the children’s first walks after a much larger quarantine than most of the population.

Little Elisa and Helena enjoyed Children's Day at the Toy Museum, in BH

© Juarez Rodrigues / EM / DA Press
Little Elisa and Helena enjoyed Children’s Day at the Toy Museum, in BH

This was because they were with their mother in Lyon, France, where the pandemic of COVID-19 arrived earlier than in Brazil. When the situation was brought under control in Europe, the family came to BH, where the wave of the new coronavirus was still rising.

“I have heard about this museum for a long time. I thought that today (Monday) was an appropriate day because Children’s Day was celebrated. It’s pretty cool. We go back to the past here and relive it with our granddaughters ”, says the doctor linked to the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

José Nélio, Elisa and Helena were the first visitors of the Toy Museum after the reopening.

“I had already come to my school before, but now it’s cooler because my sister came along. I can’t even say what I liked most about so many toys they have ”, says little Helena.

How to buy?

Visitation to the Toy Museum needs to be guaranteed from the purchase of tickets through the Sympla website. Each schedule allows the presence of three groups of a maximum of six people, usually made up of people from the same family.

During the programming, each group is in a different room, all to avoid crowding people. Then, to receive a new batch of people, the establishment’s staff cleans the entire structure, not least because most of the toys require interaction with the visitor.

The experiment has a maximum duration of one hour. Tickets cost the same price as before the pandemic: R $ 24 for the whole and R $ 12 for half-price.

Traditional safety protocols are also followed: mandatory use of the mask, measurement of body temperature and hand hygiene with gel alcohol.


The museum created in 1986 was closed for almost seven months. Period in which the site administration needed to reinvent itself to manage the accounts. “I usually say that the drain remained open, but the water tap was closed during this period. We have several sponsors, but the box office has a fundamental role in our collection ”, says the space’s executive director, Tatiana de Azevedo.

Tatiana de Azevedo, executive director of the Toy Museum, organized the space in record time to receive visitors on Children's Day

© Juarez Rodrigues / EM / DA Press
Tatiana de Azevedo, executive director of the Toy Museum, organized the space in record time to receive visitors on Children’s Day

According to Tatiana, the Toy Museum adopted activities at a distance during the pandemic. The establishment’s YouTube channel has been reactivated to encourage the construction of creative toys with easily accessible materials.

“We even promoted the interaction between grandchildren and the grandfather, who lived in New York. It was super cool, because one of the difficulties of the quarantine was precisely the distance between the children and the elderly. It was very beautiful, because we mix a little bit of memory with playing ”, emphasizes the executive director.


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